It Takes a Village: {My Facial Care Favorites}

So I’m celebrating another birthday this week…and I’ve realized I’m reaching that stage where I’m no longer so excited about it. I’ve been in denial about the whole aging thing for ahwile, but I can no longer deny that I can’t get away with many of the things I used to – super late nights, an extra glass of wine, skipping workouts or skimping on taking care of my skin!

I’ve always had slightly problematic skin – I’m sure many of you can empathasize. And as I’ve gotten older the problems have changed – going from oily and breakout prone to a weird in between place, with a few encroaching wrinkles thrown in. After many months of trial and error, a lot of research and some great recommendations from a fabulous facialist, I do think I’ve found a good formula for keeping skin in check – so good that I thoughtI should share it with you!


Step One: Keeping it Clean. The first step is properly cleaning your skin. Yes, our mothers were right – you really do need to wash your face everyday and never sleep in your makeup! I was introduced to a French facial care line called Biologique Recherche by a facialist in Seattle. And I can truly say this line has changed my skin. With the cominbination of the gentle milky cleanser and the magic potion, P50, I finally feel like I have control of my skin. I also felt doubly smart when I spied my line in Sophia Coppola’s medicine cabinet and saw that Jenna Lyons listed it in her must-haves! I can attest, these ladies know their stuff!

Step Two: Getting a little help. I have come to learn that eye cream is my friend – as a number of others! It’s true, you need a little team to keep your skin looking good and I think I’ve found my starting line up. I’ve been loving Kiehls Line Reducing Concentrate - it’s combatting my pesky forhead wrinkle. I’ve also discovered an organic line created in San Francisco called Marie Veronique Ogranics. The Facial Serum helps plump up my skin, leaving it softer and with a beautiful glow every morning. I top these treatments with a nightly moisturizer too – I switch between two options by Biologique Recherche depending on how much moisture my skin needs.

Step Three: It’s all About the Eyes. I don’t know how many different eye creams I’ve tried over the years – I’m a big sucker for the big promises that so many different brands make. But I’ve finally found two that I really think are fighting my crows feet! Kiehls Rosa Arctica Eye Balm moisturizes my undereye without making me break out. A small dab applied with my ring finger is all I need – which means it lasts for a long time too. I’ve also found the best antidote for tired eyes {which I have all too often!}. La Prairie Essence Eye Caviar Eye Complex is like a little wake up call for my eyes! The light serum depuffs, fills small lines and feels light and fresh. I consider it my secret lack of sleep weapon.

I don’t know how long my skin is going to keep loving this mix but I hope it’s awhile!

How about you? Do you have any secret weapons in your skincare arsenal that you’d care to share?!

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12 thoughts on “It Takes a Village: {My Facial Care Favorites}

  1. my stepmom recently bought some new Biologique Recherche products and loves them. i think i might need to try them next time i am home to visit :)

  2. ooooh those are good recommendations. I’ve also recently found that eye cream is an absolute necessity. Will definitely look into the Biologique Recherche line.

  3. I also struggle with problematic skin and those dreaded wrinkles are starting to appear. So I have pretty much tried everything on the market it seems like. My secret weapon is the clarisonic opal (for the eyes) that I recently bought and love it. I have been looking for an eye cream to use alongside it, so will have to check out the khiels.

    • The opal! I hear that’s amazing. Might just have to sneak that onto my Christmas list!

  4. Love the recommendations! I am always looking for new skincare products to try! (I am rather obsessed.) Thanks for sharing – i cant wait to try it for myself :)

  5. Oh my! I’m celebrating my birthday this week too! Yay for early November babies! (I’m a little biased but isn’t it just the best month? lol) Thanks so much for sharing your skincare regimine! I not only have slightly problem skin, but super sensitive skin! So it’s taken me awhile to find the perfect fit with skincare products that are gentle and natural. I’ll be sure to look into these!

  6. I have very fair, sensitive skin and lately I have been loving Bobbi Brown’s Cleansing Oil and when it comes to moisturizing, Nuxe Paris Oil. My skin has never looked or felt better…

    • Thanks for the recs, Jade. I’ve tried cleansing oils in the past, and love them too!

  7. e.w.

    Happy Birthday! I’d love to hear your facialist recommendations in Seattle. In SF I lovelovelove the organic detox @ International Orange and I am hopping to find something similar in Seattle. Thanks so much!

    • I go to the Fairmont Hotel in Seattle–check it out sometime! And I love love love International Orange in SF too!!

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