Life in Oz According to Instagram!


Awww, Australia. I’m diggin’ you! It’s now late Sunday night in my part of the world and we’re headed to bed after enjoying a lazy rainy Sunday in Surry Hills. I’ve spent our first week down under exploring Sydney’s hidden bays and beaches (despite the rain!!), sampling as many restaurants as possible and staying highly caffieninated with Piccolos {get on this USA}. But of course I wouldn’t leave you high and dry!

Here are some links of fab things to check out no matter what part of the world you’re in. And follow along on Instagram for a real time look into my adventures in Oz! We’ve only got a day left in Sydney and then we head to Melbourne!

Going to take serious lessons from this newly discovered food blog! 

~ Remember, it the journey that’s important. For even more great reminders check this out. 

One of the most proudest projects I’ve worked on all year is coming to the blog next week and here’s a sneak peek!! 

If you loved our signature cocktail this week, then you’ll love getting design inspiration from this!

His bravery and honesty makes me smile and cry. Cue the waterworks!

If you’re just checking in this week, here’s what you may have missed:

We traveled to Chi-town to shop at the cutest boutique in the city! 

~ Designer Lauren Moffatt shared her story about following her dreams

I sat down and had reflection time this week asking myself, why am I still “a blogger”?

Skip the bar this weekend and try your  hand at this!  


9 thoughts on “Life in Oz According to Instagram!

  1. Jane

    Oh dear I was hoping that you were in Melbourne first and missing all the rain, my family in Sydney said Friday was an intense storm day but looks like you got to see Sydney in all its glory on a few sunny days. Homesick here in the US for my hometown, glad you made it to Manly, my old stomping grounds. Enjoy the rest of your trip, Melbourne is fabulous also! p.s try a flat white coffee also, something between a cap and a latte but yes the piccolo is great as is oz coffee in general

  2. Australia is the best, especially Sydney. Gorgeous photos by the way!

  3. chon

    I want to apologise in advance the deplorable weather Melbourne will have from Thursday onwards. Worst.Spring.Ever.

  4. maureen

    Looks lovely… really enjoying the posts. Thanks

  5. Yay! You were here downunder! Finding you on instagram now so I can your pics ;-)

    Clare x

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