Side Table Styling Options: What’s Your Vote?

Have you ever discovered that unbeknownst to you, you’re the owner of a horrible piece of furniture that hides in plain sight? They’re often leftovers from college years, hand me downs or maybe an impulse buy. They’ve likely been there for years, but it isn’t until you rearrange a few things that you suddenly realize something has to be done!

This is exactly what happened when I moved the furniture around to decorate for Christmas. Suddenly I realized I had this gawd-awful side table that came from who knows where, but definitely did not belong in my life anymore, let alone smack dab in the middle of the Loft’s living room!


The glass-topped silver table was just too girly and art deco feeling. It was certainly out of place with everything we currently have going on in the loft. Something just had to be done.

So I turned to West Elm, one of my favorite resources, to find a fabulous {and affordable!} replacement. Of course, I couldn’t immediately make up my mind. I’m one of those people {perhaps you’re one too??} who has to style a space seven different ways before I make a final decision! I did manage to limit my options to three though…and I’d love your opinion on which one I should go with!

Here are my three choices:geometric-woodApt34-WestElm-SideTable-7westelmwoodtableThis Bentwood Side Table is the perfect mix of modern and rustic. I love its geometric shape and the warm wood tones. It draws on the current theme that we’ve got going throughout the loft: mixing materials {metals, wood, and a variety of soft surfaces} all with a gender-neutral feel. This table also has a really good scale – the height and width match nicely with my two little side chairs.


Option two, the Bubbles Ceramic Side Table, is cooler than its name implies. Though obviously more feminine than our first option, I love the drum-like silhouette and the crisp bright white surface. With it’s glossy finish, it brings in a lighter feeling and makes the space very monochromatic – one of my design weaknesses!

option-3bronze-west-elm-tableLast, but certainly not least is my final option – the Dot Inlay Side Table. It puts a bit of a glam spin on what would otherwise be a simple piece. The bronze dots feel playful and fun without being over the top. The bronze base adds a vintage vibe and keeps the visual profile of the table nice and light. When space is at a premium, as it often is in urban living that’s an added bonus.

So there you have it. I do think all three choices are quite strong but I am starting to lean in one direction at the moment. However, this is where you come in – before I tell you my favorite I want to hear yours! Let me know in the comments which side table you think I should stick with!

original photogaphy for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick, art direction & styling by apartment 34


32 thoughts on “Side Table Styling Options: What’s Your Vote?

  1. This is such a tough call! I love the top of the third table with the dots so much, but because the chairs next to it also have metal legs, I’m leaning toward the bentwood side table! The contrast of material is great, and it has a nice cozy feel.

  2. I loooove the first one!! But the third one looks like it’s more practical because it has a little extra surface area, which would allow you to decorate it and still have room for a drink :)

  3. I think the first one looks best! I like the warmth it brings to the area

  4. Anna

    They are all so beautiful! But the bentwood is a definite favorite for your space!

  5. Option 1 for sure! I love the warmth of the wood and it fills the space really well.

  6. though i love the dots in the third option (i’m a polka-dot FIEND, it’s borderline obsessive), i’m actually going to vouch for the first. it seamlessly merges into its surrounding decor and has such an interesting shape and feel.

    west elm, you beautiful thing.

  7. Kacia

    the wood! always classic & it fits with the fur throws. lovely all around.

  8. jillian

    love the second one, fresh and interesting! xo

  9. Leah

    Option 1: Geometric Wood – It just looks like it fits the best…size, color, texture, all of it is right!

  10. Oh noes! Thanks for all the feedback!! I might just have to keep all 3!?!

  11. maureen

    Option 3.. Flows nicely with the wood on the floor yet does not block the light. I love the interest the dots bring…

  12. kim*

    Option 1! Love it. Brings the whole atmosphere of the room together

  13. Jennifer

    Bentwood gets my vote! You need that dark accent right there, the other two get washed out.

  14. Option 1! Great texture and shape. The wood warms up the space and draws the eye.

  15. Bridget

    The white although I’m not crazy about how it’s styled. I think just plain with nothing on it. You like the wood now because it’s winter and the other third option is too similar to your previous table. You’ll be happy with all, but happiest with white.

  16. Sam

    I love number 3. It looks like it’s meant to be there.

  17. love this post! what a difference one small side table can make.

  18. 3 really great choices! For a balanced composition no. 3 wins in my mind. No. 1 is such a strong design it might win in context of the whole room. No. 2 is very pretty. You have a delimma!

  19. Lisa

    Less is more…each option has potential but you’re going overboard with the styling so some editing required to maximize the beauty of your design. Take 2-3 accessories away, hard as that is and it will lose the contrived look. You have very nice style but scale it back.

  20. Ally

    I would suggest option 1: the bentwood table. It provides a nice textural element without being overwhelming. I like the ceramic bubble table but there there is too much white in the space and it starts to compete with the cushion on the window bench and the throw and cushions on the chairs. The legs on the dot table compete with the base on the table.

  21. bekuh b.

    I think most of us are in agreement, the bentwood table is #1. The balance of the minimal and cold metal chairs with the fur pelts and rich wood is just too good to resist.

  22. eleisa

    i’m adoring the freshness of option 2

  23. I prefer the barrel thingy because of the warmth and stolidity of the wood. It looks like it might leak, tho

  24. Kathryn

    Geometric wood table – no question!

  25. I love option number one so much. Option number two is my second favorite but I prefer the contrast to the monochromatic, also option number two reads very feminine to me. I’m just not loving option number three, especially since one and two are so good.

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