How to Properly Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

One word: sparingly. Radiant Orchid, we have to admit: it’s been a little hard to figure out what to do with you. But we think we’ve finally got it.


We can be in support of you hanging around in small doses. You certainly make these modern chairs pop.


You can also be rather fun when you’re being a bit cheeky. A saturated classic portrait and traditional Victorian sette suddenly feel new.


Playing with your close cousins on each side of the color scale will help you feel a bit more relevant. Lighter lavenders play on the latest pastel trends and deep dark eggplants look dramatic and lush in places like Turkish rugs, wall art and maybe a pillow or two.


Radiant Orchid, we were afraid you were going to be a wallflower, but perhaps you can be the life of the party…only the rest of the year will tell how well you catch on.

What about you, friends? Have you been convinced you too can add purple to your life? We’d love to know!

image 1 via Agent Bauer // 2 via Gubi // 3 via The Klein // 4 via NY Mag // 5 via Flos // 6 via O’Connor & Houle // 7 via A Creative Mint // 8 via Interior Magasinet // 9 via Old Brand New Blog // 10 via Stadshem 


12 thoughts on “How to Properly Use Pantone’s Color of the Year

    • Ah, what great foresight! And a great way to incorporate the color of the year into everyday life!

  1. Stunning taste!!!!! I love that photo with the artwork leaning from the shelf to the wall! So well styled and so inspiring :) So glad i found your blog!


    • We’re glad to have you join our little corner of the blogosphere!

  2. I completely agree…soft and sparingly is the way to go! It’s easier to wear in apparel I think….but in home it’s all about the mix and how the color is used. I’m actually using this color range in my next collection for Calypso. It won’t be in until June…which I think is a great time of year for this hue.

    • Ooo you tease! I can’t wait to check it out, I’m sure it’s going to be GORGEOUS!

      • Haha I know – I couldn’t help thinking about it with this post though. It’s definitely a departure color wise from where I’ve been but I am really excited about it. My spring collection will also have new colors too. I hope you are doing well!! Have a great week :)

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