On a holiday that puts so much pressure to profess one’s love in a grand way, sometimes the simplest of gestures is the better way to go. A thoughtful love note from a special somebody who usually isn’t exactly the most romantic {ahem!} can totally make you feel like you’re dating Ryan Gosling from The Notebook! And reminder: no one really wants a corny 80’s looking card. After all, if the contents move mountains in your heart, you’re going to keep it under your pillow forever, right?

Luckily, glamour queen and my current obsession Kelly Wearstler {have you seen her new furniture collection, hello!!} has come to our rescue. Her love-ly new card collection for Paperless Post has us covered today!StuckOnYou


Named things like “One in a Million” and “Drawn to You,” these modern-day Valentines are exactly the type of design that make my heart flutter! Not to mention, they’re the most inexpensive gift {aka free!} that will no doubt leave the intended recipient completely love struck.

No need to panic that you didn’t pick up an adorable set of paper cards this go round. You still have plenty of time to send sweet sentiments to all your loved ones today. Kelly’s collection, while certainly gorgeous in print form, can also be sent digitally, even from your phone! I may be spoiling the fun for my close friends and family, but now I know how I’m saving my always a-day-late behind!

I hope you have a fabulous {and style-filled} Valentine’s Day!!

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