I firmly believe coats hold secret fashion powers. At least that’s what I tell myself as my coat collection grows! They certainly fall close to the tippy top of my Worth It list. Just take a look at the transformative abilities for yourself…

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A statement-making coat has the brilliant ability to perk up even the most basic of outfits. From a pair of jeans to a simple shift, a coat with a little wow factor is the perfect way to dress up without all the fuss {my fave!}. Just let your coat do all the talking!

Of course, there are endless options when it comes to a great spring coat. Pastels, prints, or a classic trench…any one of these would do. But if I had to choose just one, I have my sights set on this fun twist on trench by ACNE.


get your shop on // ACNE coat

It has everything a spring coat needs to my opinion: a bold silouhette {drop-shoulders, double breasted}, playful details {oversized straps on the sleeves and a drawstring hem} and a light, happy spring color to help brighten your day!

I think this coat would go on heavy rotation well after spring ends. And remember a great coat will last you season after season. That’s why they invented a closet specially for them!

 images via le catch, pinterest, and leeoliverla.com

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  1. AGREE! Coats do have secret fashion powers!