I won’t lie, it’s been quite a while since Halloween has been top of mind. It’s just never been one of my favorite holidays.  But now that Carter’s first Halloween is around the corner, I’m feeling compelled to get in the spirit – quickly!

But I definitely want to stay true to my aesthetic so the standard jack-o-lantern just won’t do the trick. This no-carve pumpkin DIY, on the other hand, is super chic. And since it takes less than five minutes to make, it fits perfectly into my overly-packed schedule.


Around here, no orange gourds will do. They just don’t mesh with my color palette people! With this look it’s all about the muted hues: white, gray and various shades of pale green. The funkier the better.

Then all you need is a box of crayons, a hair dryer and five minutes to complete the look! Now that I can handle.


The final result is a little bit spooky, a little bit artistic and a lot cool. This is taking modern pumpkins to a whole other level don’t you think?

Are you the Halloween loving type? Whether you’ve already had your costume figured out for months or you’re scrambling for inspiration {like me}, I know you’ll appreciate this tabletop, this drink, these costumes for the adults and these costumes for the littles.

Happy haunting friends!

photography by megan bailey 

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  1. LOVE these! I must try making some this year … and they will be great to display well beyond Halloween!

  2. The splatter of color really adds a spooky touch. I like how its made with crayons instead of paint! Pretty simple DIY!