I’ve always been a fan of using art in fresh and unexpected ways. Like in your bathroom. Or under your stairs. Or even beside the bed. But I’m particularly loving this genius theft-worthy idea – a jumbo canvas placed behind a work station.


With an oversized piece of art, you can utilize the entire space above and below your desk. It looks very cool when you’re standing back from it, and it would give you an amazing up-close view of the art when you’re up close and personal during the work day. It’s also an ingenious way to hide unsightly cords.

I think this idea would be particularly fun with an original painting like the one above by Andrew Humke. You would be able to examine the paint strokes up close all day long!

Of course, you’d have to be extra careful about kicking your feet against an original piece of art or heaven forbid, spill something on it, but I think this would be a really interesting way to create a functional focal point in any room.

What do you think? Would you incorporate an over-sized piece of art into a room using this unusual technique?  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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image by claire esparros for homepolish 

What do you think?

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  1. Love the idea of putting the art behind a work station. Can you recommend a website for canvas art that is modern yet affordable??? Thanks in advance!

  2. Great idea! Instead of a mood board, a huge piece of art can be “big” on inspiration too. 😉