Color Crush: {A Dramatic Summer Palette}

Even though the official start of summer is weeks away, the crazy warm temps that are rockin’ San Francisco have us thinking of nothing but pool time today. While we were saving this twist on summery colors for after Memorial Day, it just feels too right right now!


Yes, we’re taking summer inspiration from a moody and luscious bedroom! This room has actually been sitting in our inspiration file for ages. We love its androgynous glam feel – it could easily skew masculine or feminine depending on your mood! The style is eclectic and collected, but the use of grays and blacks keep the space feeling chic and sophisticated rather than vintagey. Of course, we’re swooning over the gray wall, the black velvet pillows and copper-colored accents. It reminds us of Morocco. And who wouldn’t love to have their bedroom walled in with floor to ceiling metal-paned glass?? Hellloooo gorgeous.

So we were thinking, instead of going with the season’s standards of bright white or bold neon, why not take a cue from this bedroom and put a sultry spin on your summer essentials?!



Whether you’re looking for a new accessory for your beach house, {or more realistically} your bedroom, we love this stool - made of cardboard - {hello, bedside table!}, while the floral pillows are anything but girly. I only wish I’d spied that bikini and tote in time for Greece. C’est la vie. Now we’ll just have to find another fabulous location to jet set to once summer makes its official debut!

How about you? Are you into breaking the mold when it comes to seasonal color trends?

Get Your Shop On:

> Fendi Color-Block Bikini
> Nars “Adult Swim” Eyeshadow
> Joie Nice Sandals
> Hand Painted Hibiscus Pillow
> Garden Print by Julia Kostreva
> Cardboard Eiffel Stool
> Eastpak Shopper Bag
> Garance Dore for Rifle Paper Happy Birthday Card

image via Elle Decoration UK

Designer Files: {The Well Travelled Apartment}

You may be sensing a theme around here and it has something to do with the fact that we’re addicted to the idea of traveling this year! It’s the one thing that will make you richer and fulfilled far beyond what any trip may have cost. The memories and self discovery will stay with you a life time. And one of the best ways to keep the experience alive is by collecting keepsakes from your travels in your home- one of the many reasons we’re obsessed with Naja Munthe’s Copenhagen flat!


At first glance, the home is balanced and peaceful. The streamlined design and clean aesthetic capture you and the modern pieces make for beautiful statements throughout. But look a little deeper and you notice what really makes the space a home- objects and figurines, vases and baskets fill various corners and shelves, bringing life and history to an otherwise sparse space. Bet you won’t guess that the chandelier is actually a floor lamp that Naja decided to flip upside down and hang on the ceiling! No big deal.


While the dining room with those bookshelves {holding over 500 books!} is utterly gorgeous, we can’t get enough of the bedroom! It’s a perfect example that you don’t need much more than a bed to make a space super luxe and relaxing. Naja’s room begs the question: who needs a headboard??


And speaking of genius, we’re loving the little details in this bathroom. A lantern and tiny wooden stool in the shower do the trick. One or two thoughtlfully placed pieces can go such a long way- just take a look at that painted skull!

Now just because you haven’t taken a trip to North Africa or Eastern Europe doesn’t mean you can’t get a similar feel in your own home. Shopping vintage and antique stores allows you to get your hands on some one of a kind, well worn and well traveled pieces. But don’t forget that you need to mix in some modern pieces to keep your space from looking like a dusty old shop- think metallic accents, carved wooden pieces and dark, glamorous patterns!


get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 

What piece do you have to have?!

images via Mad & Bolig

Designer Files: {A Stunning Swedish Sanctuary}

You know the feeling you get when you walk into a beautiful spa? That lovely, soothing sense of just…calm? The design of the space is bare and clean, there’s nothing to distract the eye, and all of the stresses of life just go away…

That is exactly the feeling that we got when we came across this stunning Swedish home. The idea of just having a few things in your home that you really, really love – fewer nicer thing s- couldn’t resonate more these days. The calming, sanctuary like quality of this home – where every little thing is treasured, is exactly why we love it!


You’ll notice there isn’t a whole lot of fuss going on. There are hides and ceramics to add interest and texture, but other than the warm wood tones of the table and chairs, most everything else is very neutral, simple and clean.

The grey, white and caramel color palette works great with the natural light and almost has that cozy cabin quality to it. We’re obsessed with all of the black and white photography and most of all, the wire grid on the office space! We might be onto something for our own office makeover…But for that you’ll have to stay tuned!

What’s your favorite element in the space?

styling by Pella Hedeby // photography by Kristofer Johnsson // pictures for JM