The Color that Will Spring You Right Into Fall

We’re all too familar with the standard Fall uniform: black, tan, navy and maybe even a touch of cream for excitement {sarcasm fully intended}. But even if you’re a total color-phobe, we’re here to assure you, you can add color to your fall wardrobe – especially if it’s this lush moody mossy emerald green!


Sure, a closet full of neutrals is a very wise investment. When you stick with a uniform you’re suddenly able to mix and match with ease, you’re likely to wear pieces more often and can keep your closet edited down {my current fashion life-goal!}. But every once in awhile it’s fun to throw in a curve ball and this season I’m all about this crazy cool green hue! More sultry than your standard emerald, but more luscious than the old-school forrest green, it’s actually rather difficult to put your finger on what makes it so perfect. One line called it Woodland Green – I think that gets close. It’s like the deepest, richest green of a pine tree. Regardless, I love how perfectly it would pair with black, with brown – even navy!

If you’re still not totally convinced, why not test it out with a little nail polish {they call the color Shutter.}? Or if you want to keep things understated {and hidden!} how about switching up your lingere!?


I think my favorite option is that super cute handbag. It’s nice to give your standard black bag a break every now and then! What do you think? Would you add a new hue to your fall look?


> Phillip Lim for Nars Nail Polish
> Topshop Satin Bra
> Ojai Garden Pot
> Marlowe Dome Satchel

image 1 via Nordstrom // 2 + 7 via Emma’s Design Blogg // 3 via Once Wed photography by Ali Harper // 4 via Artek // 5 via // 6 via Blog Milk Blog 

Getting in the Mood the Old Fashioned Way

We’re taking a poll. Who used to cut their favorite pages out of magazines and tack them onto their walls?? Guilty as charged. Oh how many Teen Beats I destroyed! Thankfully I moved onto Lucky, Domino and Elle Decor. Even just a couple of years ago I was still saving boxes of my favorite tears. But now we’ve all become wholly subsumed by Pinterest and the digital versions of our favorite glossies. It seems the old school moodboard has fallen by the way side and that makes me sad. There’s something so important that comes from the physical act of compiling your inspirations, moving them around until it suddenly just fits!


That’s why I purposefully/forcefully/willingly/excitedly created an area in our Team Apartment 34 office redesign for a physical moodboard because, really, nothing beats it! No matter what kind of photo shoot or project we’re prepping for, we always feel more focused once we go through the exercise of creating our board. It’s also a fabulous way to get our butts out of our chairs and our eyeballs away from the screen!

But in the days of digital everything, we have to get a little more creative with our creative process. You may remember this outfit we posted last month. Well, the inspiration came from the moodboard below! Despite popular belief, we don’t just throw on an outfit and snap a pic or two. Wardrobe styling is taken pretty seriously around here. We always start with a a general idea or theme, but we focus in on the final look based on our compilation of design spreads and fashion editorials. It can be a pattern, a mood, color palette or texture, light, or even typeface. The only qualification we have is that it must make us stop and say, “omg- obsessed.”


While we still pull objects, fabric swatches and yes, occasionally tear from a magazine, now we print out our favorite inspirations! You remember those things- printers? If you’re a visual person, we highly recommend adding one to your home office. We’ve been putting our Canon Pixma Pro to serious good use. The photo quality images it prints out – even of our pins – is just jaw dropping. There’s something so satisfying about getting things off of a screen and into your hands. That way you can mix, match, tack and tape to your heart’s content! You’ll be amazed at what new life images take on when actually on paper!


After we’ve amassed a good stack of prints comes the fun part: bringing everything together. If your brain hasn’t already done so, it definitely will start to detect patterns as you begin taking things from the printer and putting them up on you cork board, wall or office door. We have a wire grid from the hardware store {you could use chicken wire for a similar look!} that we spray painted white- it’s our favorite place to clip our printed images and it only cost about $7 to make!


Some of our favorite sources for inspiration boards include:

> Hit The Pavement: Go outside, walk around the block and pick up feathers, rocks or any other flotsam and jetsam that catches your eye

> Play Photog: Snap pics of cool architecture and patterns – to print out on your Canon Pixma Pro of course

> Swatch It Up: Go to your nearest fabric store for free swatches and to get your crafty brain gears in motion

> Print from Pinterest: Print out your fave pins to really bring your pinboards to life

> Scan Old Magazines: don’t forget those 1990′s Vogue issues- their pages are packed with forgotten inspo. If you don’t want to tear, scan and print, instead!

> Bobbles and Bits: scour your office or home for anything that jumps out at you- a necklace, handwritten note, the latest business card someone handed you, etc

Et voila! You have inspiration that not only helps you execute a creative project, but a process that also gets you through any creative rut that may come your way- that is until you’re ready to take it down and start all over again!

While we’ve been focused on mood boarding, after our crazy travel season we’re excited to use our Canon Pixma Pro in a ton of other ways! How fun would it be to print out travel photos we’ve already forgotten about? Need some quick art for your gallery wall? Why not create your own by printing out your very own Instagrams! They’d look stunning coming out of this printer. Really, the possibilities are quite endless.

What are some of your favorite sources for finding inspiration? We’d love to know!


original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // styling by Bianca Sotelo 

This post is in partnership with Canon Pixma Pro. All thoughts and opinions are our own. Thank you for supporting posts that keep Apartment 34′s doors open.

The American Jean: {It’s in Our Genes}

Before we fully embrace fall in all its glory, we wanted to bring you one more post tinged with summer sunshine. It’s a well established fact that we all love our denim. It’s truly become one of life’s staples. Our Editorial Intern Victor, who has style for days, had a bit of a denim epiphany this summer. I’m excited to share his story – and gorgeous styling – with you today! — Erin

Before the summer I easily had only two pairs of jeans. They were in constant rotation — being lived in, gathering dirt, cycling through the washing machine {no anti-washing-denim-enthusiast here!}, and getting folded back into my closet. They weren’t anything special — just basics I needed to support my daily outfits. But this summer changed everything. And though I can’t quite pinpoint where or when the pivotal moment happened, as summer came to an end, I noticed that my closet was RAIDED by denim.

Apt34-Victor-3shop these items: J.Crew Denim Jacket // Anthropologie Envelope Journal // A Denim Story

They came slowly, one by one, without any obvious warning. I should have realized I had a “problem” when I found myself buying the same pair of jeans in two different sizes {in case I wanted a slouchier fit come Friday}. But no. Where did this obsession come from? At such an unlikely time of year at that — when men are ditching jeans for khaki shorts and girls are skirting around in flirty little dresses. And then it hit me, no matter how high the temperatures reached this summer, I always felt cooler in my denim {in more ways than one!}. And now the only thing I think of when a pair of Levi’s crosses my path are the different shades of the ocean. If you stare long enough, even the rips and tears on that distressed pair of jeans begin to look like waves crashing on the shore.

There is no doubt that denim jeans are the most iconic piece in American fashion. Evolving over the years from the reliant work pant of California’s Gold Rush and the perfect place to rest a gun holster in the wild west, denim has successfully maintained its relevancy. It’s become the symbol of so many prevalent subcultures — the unforgettable bellbottom, the rockstar ripped and teared and hip-hop brought the urban baggy jean — they’re all moments in fashion that we’ll never forget, even if we wanted to!

Apt34-Victor-1shop these items: Gap Indigo Henley // Madewell Hepcat Shades // EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint // L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream // Make Up For Ever Eye Cleanser // Essie Nail Polish in Bikini So Teeny

America’s love of denim doesn’t stop with the jean. The denim shirt is the new can’t-live-without piece for any closet. Whether it’s layered or worn on its own, chambray is easily going to give your favorite pair of jeans a run for their money. Like any piece of denim, really, the chambray shirt went from being a day off classic to an all day, e’ryday day office staple. You can even leave the blazer at home and layer a denim jacket {like this one!} over a crisp button up and it gets more than the job done!

Apt34-Victor-2 2

That’s the thing about jeans, or denim in general, it’s practical and adaptable to virtually every occasion or lifestyle. Amy Astley, Editor-in-Chief of Teen Vogue, recently spoke highly of denim in this when asked what’s been the most significant innovation in fashion. “Jeans are an American invention but a global uniform, worn every day by young and old, rich and poor, man and woman, cool and … not. Unlike most fashion, they suit everyone and get better with age.”

Whether you opt for the neo-classic skinny, a soft chambray, or the boyfriend jean this fall {this Nasty Gal pair was my summer love affair!}, you’ll never look more iconic than you do rocking denim. Here are some pieces and brands we couldn’t live without:

Get Your Shop On:

> Current Elliott Stiletto
> J. Crew Denim Jacket
Nasty Gal All Torn Up Boyfriend Jeans
> Madewell Perfect Chambray Shirt

What are your favorite pair of jeans? Could you ever see yourself living without denim? We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves!  – Victor

art direction + styling by Victor Verdugo // original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick