A Pregnancy Beauty Secret Revealed!

With literally only days until our kid is scheduled to make his appearance {days people!}, I’ve been reflecting about the experience of being pregnant a bit. Having had what can only be described as a really smooth ride, I feel pretty lucky. But there were a few unexpected surprises along the way. One that I found particularly amazing is just how much water you have to consume! You seriously become like a camel. Even when downing three or more liters a day, I’ve never been so dry! Think cracked lips, dry mouth, scaly skin – the works. The little bugger really sucks it out of you – literally! So if I were to create a mama-to-be survival kit for all you other pregnant or possibly pregnant ladies out there, these five things would be on the tippy top of my list!


#1: Water {obvi!}. Have a water bottle at your side at all times. And every time it empties get up from where ever you are and fill it again. If you have headache, drink water. If you feel lethargic, drink water. Yes, you’ll be running to the bathroom every hour on the hour, but your body, your skin and overall sense of well-being will thank you.


#2 Water-filled food. Try adding in as many water-filled and fibrous fruits to your diet as you can. Cucumbers, berries, applies, bok choy, celery – keep ‘em at your fingertips and snack away. You can also use those berries to flavor your water!


#3. Tea Time. Yes, you will get sick of guzzling water so switch it with tea. There are a ton of delicious and beneficial teas for expectant mamas. I’ve particularly loved one that helped me combat heartburn, but you can find ones that help you relax, ones that boost your energy or just generally support the health needs of a mama-to-be. A nice cup of tea is a relaxing way to start and end your day and it gives you a couple more servings of precious fluids!


#4 Pretty pout. Your lips are likely to be constantly dry so find a fabulous lip balm. Buy ‘em in bulk. You’ll be slathering it on day and night and trust me, your lips will thank you.


#5 Reinforcements. No matter how much water you drink, you’re going to need a major moisture boost. Thankfully Skinfix can come to your rescue. Created with 150 year old recipe that was passed down through generations of pharmacists, this lotion packs a serious punch for your skin. And most importantly it has no parabens, no phthalates, steroids or added fragrance – super important to me as I really tried to stick with natural products throughout my pregnancy. Every morning after the shower and every night before bed I’ve been giving my skin an extra moisture boost like this – and no stretch marks thus far!

With all of these tools at my disposal, I’ve been able to keep my skin feeling and looking good for the past 10 months {did you know you’re actually pregnant for 10 months, not nine!}. Now I just have to keep my water-filled beauty routine going once our kid arrives. I know my skin is only going to continue to reap the benefits!

photography and art direction by erin hiemstra

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The Ultimate Bachlorette Party DIY

So one of your best friends in the whole wide world is getting married and she asked you to be one of her bridesmaids, or even more special, the maid of honor — eek! But before you help calm her nerves, pick up her train or dab away joyful tears on what’s sure to be the most memorable day of her life, you have one job and one job only: throw an epic bachlorette party! Cocktails, pool lounging and much needed girl time are the requisite requirements, but before you jet to a wild weekend in Palm Springs, Vegas or Miami Beach, there are three words you must remember to ensure your epic weekend goes as planned: Bridesmaid Survival Kits!


That’s right. Starting the trip off on the right foot is so key in making sure the bridal party {and the bride!} have the time of their l-i-f-e. And what cuter way to do it then by leaving a goodie box at each maid’s house, packed full of everything they’ll need to make the most of an ultimate bachlorette weekend?? Because someone is bound to forget their sunscreen at home {or maybe enjoy one margarita too many!}.

These survival kits are so much fun {and super simple!} to make. So on a nice afternoon, invite your craftiest friend over for cheese and wine and the two of you can sit on the floor while gabbing through wedding details and assembling these cute kits. With a heartfelt card from the bride and a few essentials, the ladies will flip. You can personalize your kits however you’d like, but here’s what we packed in ours:


Pre-boarding, the girls will need a great read so pack your favorite magazine {this is currently one of our must-reads}, a sunglasses case to protect their shades and cute matching bridal party luggage tags will make sure no one loses their bag!

Assuming everyone plans to go straight to the pool from the plane, sea salt spray will help master that perfect beach hair {we swear by this one}, good sunscreen is a must and some shaving cream {we love the EOS shave cream with shea butter!} will help with any ahem…last second touchups. Lounging essentials include cute deck sandals, hot sunnies and some paper umbrellas, JUST in case your hotel misses the “we’re here to have a good time!” memo!

What else is in our kits? For pre-night-out prep, these beautiful bath salts from Anthropologie will certainly spoil all your gals, nail polish for hotel room manis-pedis and luxurious Aesop face mask will ensure everyone is looking their best. And you can’t forget the Advil, Emergen-C, a banana and some instant Starbucks; aka the cure for the following morning!


Of course, it’s not only what’s inside the kit that matters, but also how you deliver it! Wrap them up with pretty paper {and a party hat to boot!} and leave one on each maid’s doorstep. It’ll be such a cute surprise for them to come home to, don’t you think? All that will be left for your maids to do is to let their hair down, sip way too many umbrella topped cocktails and celebrate the bride-to-be while looking and feeling good!

original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick // art direction + styling by bianca sotelo

How to Transition Your Makeup Routine for Fall

The world of makeup can be an intimidating {and expensive!} thing to experiment with. But with the obvious traps also come the rut you never want to find yourself in: sticking to the “same face you’ve been wearing for years.” B-lining to the makeup counter, only to ask for your memorized shade of foundation in hopes of being “introduced” to a new product shouldn’t be the only time you think about your makeup routine. It’s not just a necessity to cover those dang under eye circles. Even for a novice, makeup CAN be fun. But you needn’t go far from the safety of shore. We’re obsessed with this super subtle yet equally enticing fall palette!


Fall is all about going ever so slightly moodier with your makeup. But there’s no need to channel a pagent contestant. You can transition your makeup routine by easily going a shade or two deeper into the rose family. Deep rose hues pick up the gorgeous pigment in your skin that picked up over summer and can look stunning on every skin tone. Smudging a subtle cherry-brown eyeshadow under your lower lashes and adding a toastier metallic on the lid instantly gives you that bit of drama you need.

You’ll also notice, eyebrows are probably the most important element to this look. Allow them to get a little thicker and more natural! The rule less is more does not apply here- hide your tweezers, but tame unruliness with this clear wax brow pencil. It’s sure to be your weapon of choice all season long! Finishing your face with a light rose lipstick and barely there mauve cheek is what we’re calling THE face du jour. With just a few additions to your makeup bag, you’re going to have totally refreshed face this season!


We’re obsessed with this rose inspired makeup palette! It makes us want to head straight to the makeup counter and stay a while! What about you? We dare you to try something new!!

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> Laura Mercier ‘Second Cheek’ in Heather Pink
> Aerin Beauty Lipstick in Perfect Nude
> Anastasia ‘Brow Fix’ Clear Wax Pencil 
> Bobbi Brown ‘Raw Sugar’ Illuminating Bronzing Powder
> Bronze and Gold Eye Shadow 


image 1 via // 2 via Harper’s Bazaar