The Most Innovative Way to Style a Sweater

I realize we talked scarf styling just last week, but with  snowy weather refusing to lessen its grip on so many of you, we thought you’d enjoy some more cozy style inspiration – especially when it’s this interesting of an idea! Have you heard of the knit knot yet? It’s a totally unique twist on wearing your sweater…around your neck! Half shawl, half scarf, it’s an entirely new way of bundling up. If you’re looking for a super eye-catching style, we dare you to try this trend!

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While we were a bit skeptical at first, every new example had us more convinced. To pull it off, all you have to do is take a thin wool sweater {we love the cable knit and mohair for their extra texture and detail!} drape it over your chest, loop the sleeves around your neck once and tie into a knot. Simply give the sweater a little twist to one side or the other and voila, you have the knit knot! Here’s a quick video tutorial to help you get the look!

We’re so in love with the fashion forward idea and can’t wait to give it a try – even with near 70 degree temps in San Francisco!

What do you think? Too funky or totally perfect??


image 1 via Cedric Viollet // 2 via The Fashion Medley // 3 via Hippie Hippie Milkshake // 4 + 6 via Look de Pernille // 5 via Fashionata

How to Style a Scarf Six Ways

San Francisco may have turned a corner. It hasn’t been as cold lately – some days you can ALMOST leave a jacket at home. It’s a typical California winter: crisp mornings morph into bright warm(ish) afternoons once the sun breaks through. But soon as dusk hits, the chill comes rushing right back in so it’s wise to be properly prepared. Perhaps Katy Perry said it best: “it’s hot and it’s cold,” aka the perfect scarf weather!


Scarves are THE perfect transitional accessory. A big blanket scarf is a godsend. It shields you from the chill on days when you leave your coat at home. On the other hand, a light weight scarf is so right for a day when you can’t quite figure out if that sun outside is actually warm. With scarves, you don’t have to worry about messing with sleeves or disrobing super clunky layers once the day warms up- scarves are just THAT easy to take off. But putting them on and having them look effortlessly fabulous? That can be a totally different story, right?!

Getting the perfectly styled scarf ‘round your neck is admittedly not as easy as it looks. Ever wonder how fashionistas get their scarves styled to perfection? We’ve got six uber-stylish ways right here!


Blanket Scarf Chic: Think, literally, how you’d wrap a blanket around your back and shoulders on a lazy weekend. But when it’s a large enough scarf totally goregous scarf, you’ll be so badass, it’s not even funny.


One Shoulder Shawl: This style is perfect a sophisticated night out. Instead of going typical “shawl”, just wrap the scarf around one shoulder for an edgy asymmetrical look.


Sash Over The Shoulder: This look is so effortless that it makes us say, “duh”. Yet, the idea of just draping a scarf over one shoulder is so next level.


Oversized Handkerchief Knot: For this style, you’ll want to fold your scarf into a triangle first and make sure to tuck in loose end for a tight and bundled look!


Loose Wrap Around: Your basic neck wrap around is not so basic when you have an oversized scarf, pattern on pattern and leather.


Superhero: By just hooking your scarf around the front of your neck and letting the ends fly down the back, kind of like a superhero cape, you have an elegant and no-fuss wardrobe situation to help you tackle your day!

Scarves give you so many ways to play – you’re really only limited by your own creativity and wrapping skills! We’re curious, which of these scarf styling idea are you loving most??


image 1 via Wool and the Gang // 2 via Maja Wyh // 3 via Furnish Home // 4 via Vienna Wedekind// 5 via FIGTNY // 6 via Just Another // 7 via Zara

Winter Style to Try: Sweaters + Skirts

As we settle into the thick of winter, finding style inspiration can be a bit tough. How many puffy coats and scarves can one wear, really? And while I love me my jeans, even they can start to feel a little tired {not to mention, they’re no longer loving my 30 week bump!}. But lately I’ve been spotting a new style idea that feels fresh, but still weather suitable…jumbo sweaters paired with skirts!


The combination is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine. I particularly love the combo when a gorgeous textured sweater and a midi skirt are involved. The look feels modern, powerful and totally wearable.

My other favorite idea – mix in some fashion sneakers! From Nike, to Chucks or Adidas, a clean crisp lace-up feels super cool – and bonus – they are very bump friendly footwear!


Obviously, layering could easily come into play here. If you’re plagued by a polar vortex you can just add tights, boots, big coats and chic scarves to get you through the daily commute. But as we tip-toe toward spring {or if you enjoy mild winters like we do here in San Francisco!}, you can use this outfit to show off a pretty pump, ankle boot and highlight a killer bag!

Ok, it’s official. I’m going to break out of my denim rut and give a skirt and oversized sweater a try! How about you? Are you into this mix?? All you need is a classic skirt and any of these pretty pieces!



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images via 1 lee oliveria // 2, 5 stockholm street style // 3 gastrochic // 4 figtny // 6 lucitisima // 7 pretty stuff tumblr