Our Anniversary Sale Treasure Hunt

Ok, so if you’ve read any blog in the last week, you already know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially on like Donkey Kong. I realize it’s everywhere. But it’s also overwhelming! Whether you brave the packed stores or sit down to navigate the website, it can be a little hard to know where to start. So I thought we’d help you out! We’ve picked through every category and narrowed down the absolute best deals, on-style trends and covetable designer items we’d scoop up if we were you!

If you didn’t already snag your favorite pieces in the pre-sale, then now is your best chance to score a good deal! Happy Hunting!!


Our Favorite Sale of the Year is Here!

It’s that time of year!! Nordstrom’s biggest sale is here and we are loading up our shopping carts — taking advantage of THE opportunity of the year to stock up! If, like me, you’re from Seattle, then you know the Anniversary Sale has always been our best kept secret. Because unlike most sales where stores try to unload stuff that didn’t sell or convince you to buy this seasons’s short shorts that you have maybe a month left to enjoy, the Anniversary Sale is all about new fall inventory – on sale now! We’re talking fall coats, boots, handbags – all the pieces you’re going to be dying to wear in just a few weeks time.

But beyond a few additions to your fall wardrobe, this is also the time to grab your essentials. A new pair of Nikes. Restock your underwear drawer. Even make-up and skincare are on sale {La Mer, HELLOOOO}. The deals are seriously so good, it’s silly to pass them up.

Here’s what is in currently our shopping cart…

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Get Your Shop On:

1.> Fringe Bag
2.> Plaid Scarf
3.> La Mer
4.> Fedora
5.> Watch
6.> Boot

Now that I’m finally starting to get back to my pre-baby closet, I’m excited to add a few classic pieces to round out a chic lady-with-a-baby uniform. With only five minutes {or less!} to get dressed these days, I need work horses that I can mix, match and feel amazing in. I think a crisp Rag & Bone button down, a cool coat and an architectural sweater should do the trick! I plan to keep my rotation of classic silhouettes fresh with my accessories. A hot boot, a pretty watch and a great hat {for when I’ve gone one too many days without washing my hair!} are exactly what I need to keep things interesting.

So here’s the deal. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is open now, but for early access only. This means you must have a Nordstrom Card for the next week. The sale opens to everyone after July 16. But have no fear. If you don’t have a card yet you can start bookmarking your wishlist HERE. I ought to warn you though, the best pieces do sell out fast, so if I were you I’d apply for your Nordies card pdq.

I’m heading to check out the rest of the sale before you beat me to it though! You can click through a few more of my favorite finds below. Happy treasure hunting!!


You’ve Got Style: {Metalepsis Projects}

In a world where jewelry design seems stagnant – we can’t count how many times we’ve seen a giant circle wrapped in leather or a brass bar necklace! – Metalepsis Projects presents us with shapes and combinations that feel like completely unchartered accessory territory. Started by bi-coastal founders, Astrid Chastka and Victoria Cho, this conceptual jewelry line oozes influences from art, architecture and science, creating out of this world pieces we’ve never seen before!


With one of the founders answering to the name of Astrid, it’s no surprise that the collection has a heavy science influence – metals are molded into unearthly shapes and stones don constellation-like patterns. It also wouldn’t be completely far off to say that these pieces literally look like they’re in orbit! We’re in love with the texture on the unfinished brass necklaces and the edgy crescent shapes on the rings and cuffs. Not to mention, is it anyone else’s pet peeve when a ring is too fragile on longer fingers or a necklace the size of a breast plate on a petite frame? Not too big in size, these pieces make a statement without taking up too much #ootd real estate, making them perfect for any body type! The fact that daintier metal jewelry can feel artsy, nerdy, powerful and sophisticated all at the same time puts Metalepsis Projects on a fashion planet of its own, and we like it.

What do you think? Whether this line is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for or is a little too Big Bang Theory to you – we want your thoughts!

images c/o Metalepsis Projects