You’ve Got Style: Elizabeth Suzann

Confession: I thought that seven weeks post baby a lot things would be different then they actually are. I thought I’d running all around town sweet babe in tow. I thought I’d have it all together – energy, confidence, know how. Instead I’m still figuring out how to fit a shower into my day and maybe gulp down one chunk of calories that could count as a meal. Another thing I thought I’d have back by now – my pre-baby closet! I’ve shed the maternity clothes, but my fully stocked wardrobe now mocks me – as it was built around a lifestyle that’s long gone. I’ve quickly learned complicated fashion choices are no longer an option! There’s no time nor energy to expend on styling the perfect look. And high maintenance fabrics like my silk prized silk button-downs? Or anything that says dry clean only?? Forget it! I need to be able to grab, go, but still look damn good – even if it’s just to treat myself to a {decaf!} cappuccino. This is where Elizabeth Suzann comes in – the line heralds itself for being “simple, utilitarian and beautiful.” That’s speaking my lady-with-a-baby language!


This collection brings uniform dressing to a whole new level of chic. I’d be thrilled to reach into my closet and grab that gorgeous jumpsuit again and again and again. And the Cocoon trench? Don’t even get me started! That jacket is perfect for every season. I’d wear it over a dress or cropped pants all summer and then layer a lush sweater come winter {or right now since Karl the Fog has returned to San Francisco}. And that knot bag – possibly the coolest diaper bag ever?? I’m dying to test one out to see! All of the line’s silhouettes are timeless yet feel very current. And the fabrics 100% machine washable. Boom!

Thank you Elizabeth Suzann for disguising great mom clothes in super chic skin. I’ll take one of each please.

What about all you power mamas out there? How did you tackle the whole baby-friendly wardrobe conundrum? I’d love to hear your pointers!!

How to Dress for Your Dream Job

It’s a little known fact that I came to the world of blogging from a very different career path. I actually started out…in politics! Yes, it’s true!! I studied political science in college, actually went on to get a master’s degree in public policy analysis and even worked in both the United States Senate and the White House! I know, crazy right??

And while I did love a lot of things about what I was doing at the time, I ultimately walked away from working in politics for well…political reasons. And while I look back at it nostalgically, there’s one thing about the whole experience that I really miss. The wardrobe! If you live on the West Coast and work in more creative fields like I do now, when it comes to your daily look, just about anything goes. Sure that can be fun too, but there are times when I miss my days of power dressing! So when I was invited to create a look for my “ultimate dream job” as part of the countdown to Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway show {happening this weekend!}, my ideal outfit immediately sprang to mind.


I decided to recreate the look and feel of the Washington Powerhouse! In this case, I started with my trusty cotton trench coat. This baby has been in my closet for a long time {truly more years than I’d like to even admit to myself!} and I realized it’s high time she got to see more daylight. A beautifully tailored trench is going to elevate anything you wear, but I love the sense of poise, confidence and purpose I have whenever I rock mine.

APT34-Cotton-38 (1)APT34-Cotton-finalAPT34-Cotton-56

As fall is my favorite time of year, I also gladly pulled out another closet must-have: a stellar sweater. This ribbed cotton turtleneck is tailored to have beautiful twists and folds that give it interesting structure and unique detail. A classic wide-legged trouser, a chic black heel and lady-like bag definitely make me feel like I could give any Washington-insider a run for her money!


Now I’m about as far from the halls of the Capitol as I can get, but putting my old DC-influenced styling skills to the test was a great reminder that I can still pull out my power look whenever I’m in need of a little oomph. You see, style has this amazing ability to communicate who you are {or want to be!} without you having to say a word…and I love what this look is sayin’! Even if your dream job is far from your grasp right now, who says you can’t dress like you already have it. Dressing the part is half the battle after all.

Of course, preparing for {or landing!} your dream job is only one of life’s major moments. There are so many others, ranging from big to small, that can leave a lasting impact. That’s why I love the concept of Cotton’s 24 Hour Runway Show. It’s dedicated to the various parts of our day to day as well as the major milestones that make up “The Moments of Our Lives.” You can see our Dream Job inspired look along with 23 others streaming LIVE from Cotton’s runway in South Beach starting at 8pm on November 7. Tune in to or to check it out!

I’m curious. What key moments would you say have stood out in your life??


original photography for apartment 34 by aubrie pick

This post is in partnership with Cotton. All opinions and ideas shared are 100% our own. Thanks for supporting partnerships that we’re excited about and help keep Apartment 34’s doors open! 

How To Transition Your Closet for Fall

It’s that time of year- time to send shorts to the back of the closet and air out fall pieces. We officially got the memo this past week when the rain started and we had to dig out the booties and light jacket from the backseat of our car. While San Francisco may still have a few Indian Summer days ahead of us, it’s time to transition our wardrobe from summer to fall because truthfully, we are SO ready for trench coats and sweaters!


Purges and building out a classic wardrobe are key to making your transitions between seasons seamless. The great thing about having quality pieces is that the same cotton blend striped tee that you were all summer long with shorts is still your go to casual top – because let’s be honest, it looks ah-mazing on you- it’s just now layered under a lightweight sweater or jacket!

But we all know it isn’t easy to find pieces that really makes us feel good. It’s ok though, because good things take time. Here are some tips we follow when shopping for transitional and timeless pieces:


7 Wardrobe Rules to Follow: 

1.) Quality over Quantity. We can’t stress enough how much you’ll benefit from a scaled down closet. Be honest, you only wear a handful of favorites right now, anyway! Donate the other 2/3rds of your wardrobe that you haven’t worn in the last six months and start off with a fresh fall start. Seriously, you’ll thank us.

2.) Fit Matters. Actually, that should read, fit is everything. No matter how amazing a piece is, if it doesn’t fit, it will never make you feel good. That said, also remember to keep your tailor in mind. The extra $20 bucks could make a piece look like it was made JUST for you.

3.) The Devil is in the Details. Cool hem lines or intricate stitching can quickly take a basic from boring to bold. You don’t have to dress like Liberace to make a statement- it’s the elevated details that really make a piece.

4.) One Word: Wait. You don’t have to buy something just because you dragged your husband out to the mall and “wasted” 5 hours of your life sifting through racks of clothes. Sometimes it can take weeks, months, seasons even, to find that perfect piece! Be picky and patient!

5.) Try Two Trends. This will force you to really think about your overall style aesthetic goals and the trends you want to try each season. Plus, it will stop you from throwing away loads of money on fashion’s best selling “of the moment” must-have that’ll you’ll never wear come next spring.

6.) When in Doubt, Stay Neutral. Grey, black, tan, white, stripes, navy. These are always good color choices! A good rule of thumb to follow: an item should “go” with at least five other pieces already in your wardrobe.

7.) Buy What You LUV. If you don’t like it, you’ll never feel 100% in comfortable wearing it. So if you don’t love it, or feel like you have to convince yourself you’ll wear it, leave it!

Here are some pieces you should definitely have in your closet if you don’t already!


Get Your Shop On:

> MIH Jeans Striped Top
> Brass Twin Cuff 
> Short Tan Trench Coat
> Gap Destructed Straight Skimmer Jeans
> Clare V. Leopard Sadrine Bag 
> J.Crew Rory Ankle Boots

While we harp on buying basics, we’re not above trying a few trends. But these are usually the pieces in the closet that transition OUT season after season. So, our rule of thumb with trends is to stay as neutral as possible- in every sense of the word.

Take summer’s uber popular culotte. Try it in a classic navy rather than the trendy leather variety and you have a gorgeous piece to pari with a sweater. That goes for all shorts- you can still wear them with a trench and chunky knit until temps really drop. Think about layering light summer sweaters with a chambray shirt and the cutout booties you wore with your favorite dress in August still look great with a pair of cuffed jeans and a scarf!


Get Your Shop On:

> French Connection Knit Jumper 
> Illesteva Leonard Sunglasses 
> Sicily Print Scarf
> Acne Studios Culottes 
> Madewell Cities Pouch 
> Pia Bootie 

Overall, transitioning your wardrobe for the new season is all about layers. A lot of the pieces can still work through the coming months, especially if you’ve been building your closet on basics. Now it’s time to dust off the sweaters and pound those boots to the pavement – yay! Who’s ready??

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