Retail Therapy: {The Line, New York City}

Hold onto your your design-loving britches, friends. We have the most gorgeous Retail Therapy of all time for you today!

You may remember us talking about The Line a couple of weeks ago; its online shop is gorgre, gorge, gorge, but its physical retail space is a concept that we’re quite confident is going to completely change the shopping experience for us all. Their “store” is styled {down to the soap in the bathroom!} like an actual lived-in apartment in NYC. And it’s actually IN an apartment in NYC. When we found out that you can walk through each room and shop straight from the comforts of that insanely gorgeous navy tufted suede sofa, or pull things directly out of their beautifully stocked closet, we had to see it for ourselves! Thankfully, our fab photographer Aubrie was headed to New York so we got her in there, pronto!

Be mindful: this isn’t any ole’ apartment, it’s crowned “THE Apartment”of our dreams. We’ll leave you two alone for a minute…


Isn’t this space un-be-lievable?!

We could have filled this post with effusive descriptions of every detail, but really the images speak for themselves. From the jaw dropping massive Moroccan rug in the living room, to the provocative art in the bedroom and the ceiling-high tree branch in the bathroom, this “store” is truly a game changer. The idea of what shopping should look like will never be the same.

And you won’t believe that this is not everything!

That’s right. This Retail Therapy is so mind-blowing that we decided to break it up into three posts! The details in The Apartment are not to be missed and just WAIT until you see the closet! More to come my friends.

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

Retail Therapy: {Marla Bakery’s Sidewalk Cafe}

With incredibly busy schedules there’s only one thing that makes our world go ‘round: coffeeeee. Honestly, we’ve tried to cut back on our intake, but it just tastes so good! It’s our little happy morning treat. Not to mention, when the most adorable coffee shop opens up right around the corner, it’s particularly difficult to quit the habit, and truthfully, we don’t want to!


After enjoying delicious smells wafting from the doorway on our regular dog-walking route, suddenly a sign went up on the window and Marla Bakery opened its doors. Well, window actually! The co-op space is actually home to multiple baking companies who take turns using the kitchen space – and now the public gets to enjoy the spoils! Too many mornings than I care to admit I enjoy a cappuccino, a perfectly crumbly scone, or even better, a gooey almond hazelnut croissant just by crossing the street!


When you walk up, you’re immediately greeted by a sweetly tempting display of pastries- think exotic flavors and reimagined goodies like one of our faves, candied orange pain au chocolat- making it extremely hard to choose just one {diet, what diet?!}. There is no seating, no walk-in shop, just a window front- that offers a unique small town feeling to your morning coffee break, in what is otherwise a big city.


Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters is the house-coffee and is some of the most velvety smooth coffee you’ll ever taste. We’d go out on a limb to say that even the most reluctant of coffee lovers will like the flavor of these beans. And we dare you to try it without sugar! It’s safe to say, we’re addicted.


We’re suckers for hidden neighborhood gems and we hope that if you’re ever in the area you choose to experience what we like to think of as “our” cute bakery- full of yummy pastries, good coffee and friends! The whole experience is a novelty, completely different than your everyday overcrowded coffee house. If you peek behind the counter, you can even watch breads and pastries being made right before your eyes. It’s just a few short blocks away from Heath Ceramics, so skip Blue Bottle, and head to Marla instead!

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

Retail Therapy: {Koskela, Australia}

I’m pressing the pause button on all the holiday-hoopla to share another little tidbit from my Australian adventure today. Why does it already feel like it was so long ago?! While I’ve got complete city guides coming your way, I gotta be honest, they take forever to put together so I thought I’d share one especially cool Sydney spot to tide you over.

It’s called Koskela, otherwise known as my new happy place!


Located on the outskirts of Sydney’s urban core in the suburb Alexandria {that’s what they call neighborhoods down under!}, you will find a mecca for Australian-made design. The super-cool warehouse space is jam-packed with the wares of Aussie designers and makers – from furniture to fine art to books and everything in between.

Things I learned about Australian design:

~ Neon is still a huge trend in Oz

~ They’re not afraid to use color in general

~ Clean modern lines dominate most furniture – but always with a slightly playful twist

Let’s just say both I and my pocket book were in trouble with a capital T!


I could have taken virtually every single thing I saw home with me. Like that adorable kangaroo pillow. A tad cliche? Perhaps, but I love the black & white photo print!


Another fabulous thing about Koskela – it comes with it’s own in-house restaurant – Kitchen by Mike. I remember reading about this spot in Vogue Living when it first opened and bookmarking that page. Thank goodness I did because it was SO worth the visit. The space is open, inviting and seriously delicious.


Think all fresh, all organic and all local ingredients, delicious flavors and a design-savvy setting {hello jumbo black pendants, I heart you}. I quickly became obsessed with Sydney’s open-faced sandwiches – they’re served everywhere and for both breakfast and lunch – always on fresh toasted bread. At Kitchen by Mike, I enjoyed a marinated pepper, goat cheese and arugula version with a little spicy kick. Light lunch perfection. I could eat at Kitchen by Mike

Getting to see Koskela in person after hearing so much about it was a very special treat indeed. Well worth making the sojourn off of the typical tourist’s path through Sydney. In fac, there were SO many pretty things at Koskela that I couldn’t share them all here. Be sure to check out Facebook for an album of outtakes today!

original photography for apartment 34 by Maya Vidulich // follow Maya on Instagram @pics_missmaya