Last-Second Pumpkin DIY That’s Scary Good

I won’t lie, it’s been quite a while since Halloween has been top of mind. It’s just never been one of my favorite holidays.  But now that Carter’s first Halloween is around the corner, I’m feeling compelled to get in the spirit – quickly!

But I definitely want to stay true to my aesthetic so the standard jack-o-lantern just won’t do the trick. This no-carve pumpkin DIY, on the other hand, is super chic. And since it takes less than five minutes to make, it fits perfectly into my overly-packed schedule.


Around here, no orange gourds will do. They just don’t mesh with my color palette people! With this look it’s all about the muted hues: white, gray and various shades of pale green. The funkier the better.

Then all you need is a box of crayons, a hair dryer and five minutes to complete the look! Now that I can handle.


The final result is a little bit spooky, a little bit artistic and a lot cool. This is taking modern pumpkins to a whole other level don’t you think?

Are you the Halloween loving type? Whether you’ve already had your costume figured out for months or you’re scrambling for inspiration {like me}, I know you’ll appreciate this tabletop, this drink, these costumes for the adults and these costumes for the littles.

Happy haunting friends!

photography by megan bailey for pottery barn kids 

A Few Fun Things To Try This Fall

In need of something new in your life this season? We sure are. After being submerged in summer for months (our weather in the Bay Area is just starting to change!), we’re so excited to try these fun trends for fall. Killer boots, stylish nails, warm soups and always-trendy army green? Bring it on.


1.> Keep your phalanges fancy by trying this negative space nail art. It makes an understated statement that is perfect for fall. Try it in a gold nail color for a more festive holiday look!

2.> Cook up this simple and delicious 5 ingredient Sweet Potato Chile. Tis the season for warm and hearty soups. To take the headache out of weeknight dinners make a big batch and freeze it for future meals!

3.> Play with adding army green into your home. We love its neutral tendencies, but if you’re looking for it to make a more colorful punch, it pairs perfectly with light pink!

4. > Introduce an epic boot to your wardrobe because boots are everything in a fall outfit. We dare you to try the most on-trend style: the over-the-knee boot! There’s no wrong way to wear it just remember, fierceness is key.



image 1 via Garance Dore // 2 via Pinch of Yum // 3 via // 4 via Apartment 34 

One Room Challenge Week 3: {A Room For the Boys}

So I have a confession. Something about blog-land has been on my mind for quite some time. Where the hell are the men in design? Have they all passed out under the choking cloud of chevron, glitter, acrylic, gold, pink, and brass? Are they buried under furry pillows, floral prints and Moroccan everything? I’m dying to know how all the interior design lovers around the interwebs have rendered their men mute. Because I know the guy in my life would never let such an overtly feminized style fly.

And if I’m going to be honest, I kinda can’t stand they hyper-girlie design trends either. I find spaces grounded in thoughtful, yet practical design both refreshing and calming.


There are a few key elements to this look.

A less is more approach. If there’s one thing I’ve come to learn over the years, particularly now that we have a baby – you really don’t need a lot of stuff! Sticking to utilitarian pieces will serve you in the long term. Yes, you can accessorize with things that you truly love but the tchotchke is only something you have to dust (or keep out of little fingers’ reach!).

Only add pieces with meaning. When you have an empty space it can be very tempting to fill it. But instead or running to the nearest big box take a more considered approach. What do you really need? What do you really really love?

Prioritize function as well as form. There isn’t a lot of room for precious pieces in this kind of style. That doesn’t mean you can’t collect beatutiful pieces but there’s a lot to be said for a gorgeous leather ottoma that will petina with age or a marble coffee table that will stand the test of time.

I’m excited to keep these design mantras in mind to create a space that is as useful as it is beautiful. Here is my current furniture inspiration for the media room.

couch | floor lamp | living room | rug | side table | pillow | pouf | art 

I see a cozy sectional that will be ready for lots of hours spent lounging. The key to making the room interesting is a variety of textures. Linen, leather, a wool rug, a cool textured mirror. I might sneak in a pop of metallic with a killer floor lamp, but we’ll have to see if that passes muster with my guy’s discerning design eye. With this insipiration in hand, I’m excited to move onto the next step – shopping!

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