Color Coded: {Burnt Orange is the New Black}

Now before you go running for the hills, let me just preface that I too was VERY skeptical of this color at first. I mean, the name itself sure isn’t doing the color any favors…Burnt…Orange? Sounds downright repulsive. 

BUT with that being said, I challenge you to set aside your judgement for just a moment and allow me to make a case for this under-appreciated color. Sure, in fairness, perhaps burnt orange will never be “the new black” but it’s certainly worthy of some serious attention.







See? Not bad, huh? It gives off a 60’s Mod-vibe without feeling too dated or retro. Plus, when it’s in flowy lightweight fabric form it looks ultra-elegant and contemporary. Even when incorporated as a statement color into decor, it offers a healthy dose of character and an inviting sense of warmth.

Are you convinced? What are your thoughts on the color? 

Image 1 via Nanushka // 2 via JCrew // 3 via Dust Jacket Attic // 4 via The D Pages // 5 via Blueberry Modern  // 6 via Nordic Design

Copy written by Ali Hartwell

Designer’s Take on House Plants: {Igor Josifovic}

When it comes to making a house a home, an often overlooked design secret is house plants! They truly do enliven a space, pun intended! And if there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about plants it’s Urban Jungle blogger extraordinaire, Igor of Happy Interior Blog. Igor has been a breath of fresh air from the moment he came on the design blogging scene. His casual European aesthetic is so inviting. I want to just move right into every space he showcases. Igor has also proven to be quite the savant when it comes to plants. I’ve somehow managed to keep two fiddle leaf figs and now a bevy of snake plants alive for over year, but when we move into the house I’m really going to have to step up my plant-life game. Thankfully Igor is willing to share some of his plant-whispering secrets with us today!

From Igor: Moving into a new place is exciting but it can be a tad scary too. It is like the beginning of an art piece where the artist finds himself in front of a gaping void. The empty canvas – as much as it offers a chance to create something unique and remarkable, it also carries the threat of failure and discontent. However, for us interior design loving peeps, this empty canvas is more of a chance than a threat, right? One easy way to bring life into a room and succeed for sure is by adding plants.


Plants have that unmistakable power to infuse life to any room. The dash of fresh green, the thriving power, the benefits for a healthy environment as well as their decorative abilities make them a popular choice for decorators and people who want to live healthy and stylish.


Choosing plants for a room can be challenging but it can be made much easier by simply considering a few points:

> Is your room well lit or rather shady? Choose your plants accordingly by picking either plants who love full sunlight or plants that thrive in shade or semi-shade like a rubber plant or a calathea.

> Is your room spacious or rather small? Choose either large statement plants or opt for small greens that you can group together. If your space is very limited think of a hanging plant instead.

> Are you easy going with plant care or does it scare you a bit? Here again, choose plants according to your preferences and lifestyle. Opt for low-maintenance plants like cacti, succulents or a philodendron if you do not want to turn into a plant mama. If you like to care for your plants and see them thrive happily ever after, go for any kind of plant that will make you happy.

Find the perfect plant friends for the new/old house is going to be quite fun. I see a ginormous fiddle leaf in my future, but who knows? Maybe I’ll throw a curve ball and do a banana leaf palm instead!

Curious how to care for your fiddle leaf fig tree? CLICK HERE! And the rest of our favorite plant tips are HERE and HERE.

Image 1 via Line Klein // 2 via Cotton and Flax // 3 via Lobster & Swan

Santé to Summer: A Must-Do Beach Celebration

When we looked at the calendar last week, we were shocked that it’s already the middle of the summer. Holy****, how did that happen?! But what’s worse than realizing over half the year has gone by? Realizing you’re smack dab in the heart of your favorite season and have YET to actually spend a day at the beach. And you can’t quite call it summer without some sand between your toes, right? So in celebration of San Francisco finally hitting temps that actually feel summer-like {hello, 80 degrees this weekend!}, we wanted to set the scene for the perfect ode to the season – a chic gathering on the sand, perfect for toasting to a summer well spent or, in our case, a summer that is just unfolding!


Sure, you don’t need to over think a day under the sun, but there are definitely some things you can pack to make an escape to the beach feel pretty special. For our set up, we started with a home base – a place to cool off and protect ourselves from the sun. We love this Sombrilla cover – think super cool umbrella tent. It provides a lot of shade – you can easily fit a group of friends under its chic roof, and once it’s pitched you’ve got a place that feels secluded from the crowds!


Once the Sombrilla was up, it was all about creating the ultimate place to lay back and relax. Rather than eat off our laps, we set up a “table” that we made out of a couple of planks of wood. It’s a nice way to elevate things {literally, ha!} and bring them out of the sand! A piece of plywood would even work. We threw down woven blankets, Turkish towels and beach rugs and made things extra comfy with soft floor pillows. Things were quickly starting to look like the perfect setup for a glass of wine and a good book! We could have easily lay there for hours!!


To get ready for our beach buddies, we set out beautiful ceramic plates, antique silverware and vintage glasses to dress up the eating area {all from a local company called Mrs. Peasy, where you can rent out everything you need for a beautiful party!}. We could have opted for paper items, but oysters and rosé are way more enjoyable with the real deal on hand – don’t ya think?! And with drift wood straight from our surroundings, some non-traditional beach themed decor like these ceramic bells, lanterns and some candles, things were pretty much perfect! With the ambiance just right, the fun was sure to go way past sunset.


It is such a treat to be able to gather friends and enjoy amazing weather and beautiful views. With just a little bit of effort, you can put together a day everyone is sure to remember for a long time. Thankfully, we all have a few more weeks of sun to enjoy and we certainly can’t wait to get our toes in the sand again and again. Honestly, we plan to just keep our Sombrilla and beach towels in the trunk of the car, so we’re ready for any spur of the moment beach day!

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