Have a Badass Fourth!

My dears can you even believe tomorrow is July 4?! How did we already reach summer’s peak??


I don’t know about you, but I’m going to milk this long weekend for all it’s worth. There will be sleeping in, the requisite BBQ, super-lazy afternoons and copious amounts of rosé. Oh yes, and saying happy birthday to America of course. I’ll be sure to do that too.

Whether you’re headed for the hills, the surf, the lake or simply plan to hang out in your very own backyard, I hope every moment is pure bliss. As the days spin ever faster, I’m learning to take note of the especially good ones – no documenting on Instagram required.

We’ll plug back in Monday with a plethora of sweet stuff for you- seriously the line up is about as good as gets these days – but until then…



photo by auguste abeliunaite for vogue spain april 2012

4:00 PM Fashion Fix: Eating My Skirt-Hating Words

Last week I made a crack that ruffled a few feathers. For those who didn’t catch it, I said that a modern woman’s life is lived in pants. While a gross generalization that I realize I shouldn’t have blanketed across all woman-kind, that certainly is the case for me. Dresses and skirts are just not in my repertoire. They don’t even cross my mind. I usually find skirts too dressy, too fussy…just too feminine for me!

But for all of you lovely skirt-rockin’ ladies who were miffed, I think I’ve met my match: a skirt look I could wear and not only feel totally modern, but most importantly, confident in!


My challenge with skirts is the gender stereotypes they often reinforce. When too short they read as sexy. When in feminine colors, they read young. When too conservative, suddenly you’re matronly. So I just stick to pants and avoid the pitfalls all together!

But these looks have got me thinking again. The proportions feel mature, not dowdy. The cuts feel classic, not prissy. They give off an aire of strength and authority. These are skirts for strong working women and that is something I can totally get on board with. Ultimately, you have to wear what makes you feel your very best, but I’ve realized I shouldn’t slight entire wardrobe categories out of hand. I just have to find the version that works for me.

So I stand, in a skirt, corrected. {well, I will as soon as I can get my hands on one of these beauts!} – Erin

image via 1 & 4 Wes Gordon Resort 2015 Collection // collage: image 1 via Always Judging // 2 via Fashion Gone Rogue // 3 via

My Favorite Baubles + Office Makeover Sneakpeek!

While I love the idea of putting together head turning outfits on a daily basis, the get-myself-out-the-door-in-10-minutes way of life doesn’t always make room for putting together complicated looks.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Summer is around the corner, but stocking my closet with cool basics just feels so…right…right now {as we discussed earlier this week right here}. These days I find myself turning to a fool-proof uniform: a crisp button down, torn jeans {yes I jumped on the bandwagon}, topped with a leather jacket when I head out. Weekdays call for heels and weekends for sneakers {but I tend to go barefoot when we’re in the office!}. I keep the look interesting day to day by swapping out my accessories! That’s why I was so excited to be asked to be one of five bloggers to take over BaubleBar to showcase our favorite pieces from their spring collection. Having a collection of trendy pieces is the perfect way to update a wardrobe built on basics. I gladly took on the “challenge!



This look epitomizes everything I’m loving these days; boyfriend jeanstees and slip-ons. But do check out my BaubleBar wishlist on Shopstyle – even a romper for Greece made the cut, along with my favorite fashion jewelry pieces of course!


get the look: Mark and Graham Oxford // Zara denim // Crystal Nail Ring // Round Crystal Pendant // Gold Double Cage Ring // Willow Infinity Ring

In my look above I’m also rocking the Buried Bauble of the day. Don’t know what that is? BaubleBar offers Buried Baubles – for just $10! Today only you can find my Buried Bauble hidden in my ShopsStyle collection! Here’s a little hint to help you uncover it: This type of DISC will never go out of style.

You actually have the chance to snag a Buried Bauble every day this week! Be sure to head back to the site everyday to add to your accessories arsenal without breaking the bank. While you’re there, don’t forget to enter the BaubleBar and French Connection Sweepstakes (4/28-5/11) for a chance to win a prize valued at $5,000!


original photography for apartment 34 by Ashley Batz // styling by Apartment 34

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