Retail Therapy: {The Line, New York City}

Hold onto your your design-loving britches, friends. We have the most gorgeous Retail Therapy of all time for you today!

You may remember us talking about The Line a couple of weeks ago; its online shop is gorgre, gorge, gorge, but its physical retail space is a concept that we’re quite confident is going to completely change the shopping experience for us all. Their “store” is styled {down to the soap in the bathroom!} like an actual lived-in apartment in NYC. And it’s actually IN an apartment in NYC. When we found out that you can walk through each room and shop straight from the comforts of that insanely gorgeous navy tufted suede sofa, or pull things directly out of their beautifully stocked closet, we had to see it for ourselves! Thankfully, our fab photographer Aubrie was headed to New York so we got her in there, pronto!

Be mindful: this isn’t any ole’ apartment, it’s crowned “THE Apartment”of our dreams. We’ll leave you two alone for a minute…


Isn’t this space un-be-lievable?!

We could have filled this post with effusive descriptions of every detail, but really the images speak for themselves. From the jaw dropping massive Moroccan rug in the living room, to the provocative art in the bedroom and the ceiling-high tree branch in the bathroom, this “store” is truly a game changer. The idea of what shopping should look like will never be the same.

And you won’t believe that this is not everything!

That’s right. This Retail Therapy is so mind-blowing that we decided to break it up into three posts! The details in The Apartment are not to be missed and just WAIT until you see the closet! More to come my friends.

original photography for apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick 

Embracing My Inner “Festival Style”

I was once a champion festival-goer. I spent years sweating it out in the desert, rocking in amphitheaters and getting crushed in the crowds as I pushed toward the front row. And I loved every second of it. These days though, while my love of music hasn’t withered, my stamina for festivals and “festival wear” has dimmed.

So when Old Navy challenged me to style a “festival” inspired look, I was a little hesitant. I’m a little past the days of werkin’ short shorts, bikini tops and flower crowns. However, I do believe we all have a little inner-hippie hiding in us somewhere so I looked to mine to inspire this ensemble. I think I found her!


get your shop on: Old Navy Panama Hat // Old Navy Tee // Old Navy bucket bag // One Teaspoon Jeans // Zara heels similar // Illvesteva sunnies similar

Festival inspired style lets you be a little more casual, loose and funky than you might ordinarily be in your day-to-day life. I took the excuse to embrace a few of Spring’s hot trends including super-distressed denim, message tees, bucket bags and the classic Panama hat.

We paid direct homage to festival goers’ exhibitionist side by DIYing up my Old Navy tee! We added a little additional rock n’ roll edge by cutting off the sleeves and snipping little side-baring cutouts. I was actually loving the result. My tee has offically been added to my Greece packing list.

But I also ended up loving this look overall. I would totally rock it on a girls’ day at the beach, maybe to a casual brunch at an outdoor cafe or even when I’m just feeling sassy on a day of errand-running.


We actually did this shoot at a local amplitheater in San Francisco’s John McClaren Park and as we hung out in the sunshine that warm, hippie vibe really started to take over. We even had Jerry Garcia playing on our Pandora station! I could have laid around out there all day. So maybe I do have a little festival spirit left in me after all. Now to find out if there are any tickets left to a fun show this summer!


original photography for Apartment 34 by Aubrie Pick // blanket and hide c/o Neighbor // art direction and styling by Apartment 34

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4:00 P.M. Fashion Fix: {Splurge-Worthy Swimwear}

I don’t mean to brag or anything, but in just a couple of weeks time, I’ll be galavanting the beaches of Mykonos! It’s been more than two years since I’ve had a proper beachside vacation {Australia didn’t count- it poured rain and we never make it into any body of water!} so to say I’m excited would be an understatement! I’m so ready to put on some sandals, rock a sexy swimsuit and maybe even throw on a dress or two {can’t believe I just said that!}

So of course, I’m shopping for things I might need {or think I do} every chance I get. I’ve been coveting island-chic accessories, heaps of sunglasses, bright scarves…whatever screams Greece!


I clearly have been out of the swimsuit market for a while because it seems like prices for these pieces have skyrocketed! I’ve always been the type to bring a couple of swimsuits with me {a girl needs options, right?!}, but I’ve told myself I can bring only one splurge bathing suit and that’s it. Shutting the wallet tight is the easy part- choosing which one to take with me, not so much!


get your shop on: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 

The first dilemma I hit is should I go for a one-piece or bikini? I’ve long been a bikini girl, but these one-pieces are getting so sexy- just look at those plunging neck lines! I also can’t decide if I should go with something more sporty-classic or something a little more fun – perhaps printed palms?

Right now I’m leaning towards the two-tone bikini. I think it’s a modern, classic style that will last for years to come – but which one is your favorite? I need your help to decide!


image 1 for Louis Vuitton Summer 2014 Catalogue via Fashion Gone Rogue