Our Anniversary Sale Treasure Hunt

Ok, so if you’ve read any blog in the last week, you already know that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially on like Donkey Kong. I realize it’s everywhere. But it’s also overwhelming! Whether you brave the packed stores or sit down to navigate the website, it can be a little hard to know where to start. So I thought we’d help you out! We’ve picked through every category and narrowed down the absolute best deals, on-style trends and covetable designer items we’d scoop up if we were you!

If you didn’t already snag your favorite pieces in the pre-sale, then now is your best chance to score a good deal! Happy Hunting!!


Love Series {2}: How To Breakup, Courteously (a.k.a. Like A Big Girl)

As summer love begins to unfold {or, as being single over the next few adventure-filled weeks looks more and more attractive}, we thought it’d be the perfect time to interrupt regularly scheduled programming with our second Love Series installment! Written by the ever-witty, ever-insightful and always real, Megan McCarty, today she talks about why it’s so hard to break it off…


I’m not great at goodbyes.

In Minneapolis, where I happily call home, everybody rolls their eyes at what we call the Minnesota Long Goodbye. For whatever reason, it takes some sweet, good-intentioned midwesterners for-frickin’-ever just to say goodbye, repeating parting pleasantries over and over. Partially it’s based in deep-rooted manners, partially it comes from social awkwardness, mostly it’s just annoying.

I do the opposite. At a party, I slip on my shoes and slink out the door with no fuss and no announcement, instead just whispering to my nearest friend that I’m leaving, who can then pass along “Oh, she left hours ago…” if my name comes into conversation.

The same goes for casual dating relationships. Sometimes, almost always regretfully, I slink out of a new relationship without properly telling them. (Awful, I know!)

The slow fade. The gradual slooowwwing of communication. The declining of plans. When I used to respond to an inane text within minutes, it now takes hours. When I used to be free for a Friday night dinner date, now I’m booked. Soon enough the whole situation loses momentum, fades to black and I’m off the hook.


It shouldn’t be that hard, right? Just five little words would suffice: “This isn’t working for me.”

But, as that polite, good-intentioned midwesterner, I also try to avoid conflict whenever possible. So instead of acting like the grown-up woman that I am – one who pays bills on time and studies nutritional labels and meticulously gets her car’s oil changed – I turn into a coward, hiding from what should be a simple conversation.

It’s easy to justify. I’m sparing him from hurt feelings, I think. Or, we weren’t even officially dating, so we don’t need to break up. I know how painful rejection can be; I cringe when imagining inflicting that on someone else. Truth is, though, that I’m not sparing anyone’s feelings by just avoiding them, my own included.

And I should know – I’ve been on the other side of this disappearing act, the one left wondering, “What the hell happened to you?” You know the drill: you start dating a guy, things seem to be going well, he meets your friends, you consider the word “boyfriend,” and then poof! He falls off the face of the earth.

In today’s dating world, with so many options at our busy little fingertips, no wonder we’re so quick to cut and run. But can we all agree that we at least owe each other the courtesy of being upfront about it?

Starting with me.

Here, let me practice: “This isn’t working for me. This isn’t working for me. This isn’t working for me…”


Where do you fall on this subject? Dating can be scary, seemingly never-ending, a bust and then it can be fun, empowering and exciting. You learn so much about your wants and needs {and welp, there’s irrational deal breakers too!} and most importantly, how to treat people, including yourself. We love the idea Megan brings up of avoiding avoidance – pulling up your big girl panties and being honest about things. The more ‘kinda uncomfortable, ugh, I really don’t want to do this’ conversations you have, the easier they become and the stronger you get it. Remember, it all leads to a happy place, in the end. Like a bolder you and an awesome summer!! 

You can follow Megan here and here for more of her insanely funny insights on life!

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8 Unique Wedding Gifts for the Style-Lovin’ Couple

Well people, it seems that it’s time to batten down the hatches, clear those calendars and warm up the ole liver—wedding season is in full swing. Just how many are you attending this year??

If you’re anything like us, proactive wedding gift planning is not a strong suit. Typically, about a week out from the wedding, we’ll log onto the couple’s registry to find that the only items that have yet to be spoken for are pillow inserts and a sad looking Tupperware set. “Argh…If only I had placed an order for those monogrammed bath towels two months ago!” you gripe to yourself. Unless you have an incredible backup gift plan – BPA-free Tupperware and hypoallergenic pillow inserts for the coolest eco couple you know? We don’t think so. You’ll need to come up with something for this uber-chic couple, fast. Because if their wedding looks anything like the stunning Australian fete below (that dress — holla!), Tupperware just ain’t gunna cut it.


Knowing the last thing you want to do is spend hundreds of dollars on an entirely impersonal, lackluster gift, we’ve rounded up a list of eight eye-catching items that we’d LOVE to give (and let’s be honest—receive) as wedding gifts (or bridal shower gifts!):

How about you? Is there anything you’ve given (or received) that was off the beaten path, but that you absolutely loved anyway??


1. > Small Copper Standing Bowl

2. > Walnut Serving Board

3. > French Press

4. > Bocce Set

5. > Wine Breather Carafe

6. > 4 Piece Bar Set

7. > La Brisa Throw

8. > Hasami Porcelain Deep Bowls 

Because there’s always someone who really wants to stay off the registry, here’s more unique gifts we’re loving for the cool couple.

copy written by Ali Hartwell, Editorial Intern

images via The Lane