Ok, here it is, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. I’d prefer to have had the time to get everything nicely styled or even cleaned up from the construction, but I just can’t wait.

So Ta-Dah!! I present to you my freshly painted apartment (please excuse the amateur photography and less than stellar lighting)!

Welcome to my newly neutral living room!

I went with Benjamin Moore Moonlight White on the walls and BM Simply White for the trim. And all low-VOC! As you may have noticed, something else is missing. My other big decision was to remove the picture rail. It’s an amazing thing to realize that rather than agonize over a difficult design element, you can just remove it.

For a little fun, I highlighted the room’s archway and molding by painting the faux columns BM Thundercloud Gray. My green Replay Sofa from EQ3 ties in nicely with my original fashion inspiration for the room. The lamp, though probably not in its permanent location, has little flowers on the shade that nearly match the gray paint. A complete unintentional coincidence.

The archway separates my “entry” from the rest of the living room. The door on the right is my “entry” closet. There are gorgeous glass knobs on all of the doors that fit with the time period of 1904 building.

Though it may look plain, remember my design inspiration. I love me some clean, danish mod lines. The room also feels like it has doubled in size.

What in this picture doesn’t fit??

I know I could probably get away with the pink radiator, but please understand that after living with the color for two years, the goal is to create something like this.

So there you have it. My blank slate. It may seem a bit generic to some, but remember, a 475 sq ft space is not going to be my long term home. The goal is make something that is both gorgeous and universally appealing.

Now the possibilities for my next steps (bathroom? bedroom?, kitchen, oh my!) seem endless. This is only the beginning folks.

What do you think?

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  1. AHHH AHHH AHHH!!! I LOVE IT!!! i want to be there with you jumping up and down and celebrating with champagne! i’m so freakin excited i might just hop a plane to seattle 🙂

    the whites turned out BEAUTIFUL! well done m’dear!

  2. Thanks lovie! I am thrilled with it. Next thing is that hienous ceiling fan has got to go!

  3. It looks so great! What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes; the removal of the chair rail opens the whole space up! good work!

  4. Looks absolutely fabulous! WOW!!! ANd honestly, I know you’re sick of the pink radiator, but it’s darling. I think it looks so darn cute with the new neutral walls.

    Great job!