When you complete a project your mind immediately starts to spin considering all the possible next steps. So of course I’m going way overboard – setting my sights on the tiny closet-of-a-condo of my dreams! I know in the real world there is practicality and time constraints and budgets, but before I come back down to reality, let’s have some fun shall we?

If I could replicate any room, I would choose…

I think this stunning kitchen is a good place to start. It includes all my personal obsessions – subway tile, apron front sink, adorable pendant light and gray all over!

via coco+kelley

If we’re talking dining rooms, which I don’t currently have, but someday hope to, the combination of a banquet table of reclaimed wood and miss matched chairs give the place meant for sharing stories a story of its own.

via living etc

One of my renovation fantasies includes redoing my floors and I’m loving how the dark tones in this living room play off the crisp white walls. I don’t know about the chandelier though…I think I’ve moved past that phase.

via living etc

Yet another space I don’t have, but pine for – my very own work space. Again with the great little drop light and that typewriter! Much better than laptop on lap. In bed.

via desire to inspire

Speaking of bed, one should be pickiest about their bedroom. After all it is your sanctuary, your place of repose, or in my case where I dump piles of clothes. Maybe if my bedroom looked more like this I’d actually keep it that way (minus the animal skin rug).

Now if you could actually figure out how to get all these different looks to fit together you’re way better at this than I!

What do you think?

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  1. honey, they DO all work together! an eclectic mix of styles brought together with a palette of whites and greys, warm woods, and clean styling. You’re halfway there. (PS – I totally was going to send you that desk image!)

  2. Hi Erin! Your place looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see the radiiator solution. And yes, we all need to escape from reality from time to time. That kitchen is to die for! And I love the mirror in the dining room.


  3. so funny – when i posted that photo i was looking at the chairs, and when i took another look at it yesterday in your blog, the mirror was the first thing i noticed. i freakin’ LOVE it.

  4. I kinda like the mirror there. It is a little daring don’t you think? I love it when design pulls people a little out of their comfort range. I love the mirrors seamless linear lines. It totally makes sense with the mirrored bureau in the room. Love it all!

    p.s. O.K. maybe a little lucite wouldn’t hurt!!!!

  5. I absolutely love this! I’m in the mood to redecorate, and thought I wanted color, but after seeing this, I’ve changed my mind. It looks phenomenal!!!