I am a self-admitted shoe…addict may be the docile way to describe it. If we’re being honest here, I’m really a shoe whore. I’m a total sucker for any hot, fun, cute, sexy, high, patent, flat, canvas, heel, pump, wedge that comes my way. They call out to me. I must have them. I’m going away for the weekend and I’m bringing no less than 7 pairs of shoes with me. And I have no shame in that. A girl’s gotta be prepared.

Then my sister sent me an email of shoes that are apparently all the rage in Japan.

I guess these are going for something in the middle of sex kitten and prima ballerina?

I will go far for fashion but this pushes things a little over the edge even for me. I’m curious, what kinds of discomfort have you endured in the name of lookin’ good?

What do you think?

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  1. Those shoes are sick! I mean I seriously grimaced when I looked at them. I am not going to lie there is some fun appeal to the last pair with the horse shoe but the rest.. Yuck and ouch. And I have endured countless bloody heels, blisters on the toe all in the name of looking good! Welcome to LA!

  2. I love shoes. I love fashion. As a man, I am not relegated to the discomforts of the pump but will say that they look amazing. But these things just read blatantly of discomfort! Oy vey!