It’s the loud and proud motto of PDX. And while eccentric personalities may abound, Portland is also full of very cool things. I just spent a fun filled weekend exploring the blocks of refurbished breweries, walking through the downtown parks (called parkblocks!), and enjoying one yummy foodie destination after another. I had such a great time I wanted to share a few of my favorite P-town things with you.

You probably know uber trendy Ace Hotel.

or uber trendy and totally delicious Stumptown Coffee

But most fun of all, I hunted down the newest Portland treasure, Ink&Peat, the brick and motor store belonging to Pam of Housemartin.

I went in search of some wrapping for a pending baby shower and instead found myself tempted by stunning pillows, handcrafted vases, sweet smelling candles, covet worthy textiles and lovely collections of cards and notebooks – my ultimate weakness.

Ink&Peat is beautifully laid out, expertly resourced and perfectly edited. I wish Pam the best of luck and encourage anyone going through Portland to be sure and stop in!

What do you think?

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  1. OOh, I would love to see Ink&Peat. It looks great.
    Question: Why is everyone smelling their spoons in the 2nd photo? Did I miss something?

  2. Portland is fantastic – and the Stumptown photo is actually of a coffee tasting – like a wine tasting where you sniff the coffee first! Only in the northwest are we that snobby about our coffee!

  3. OH…LUCKY BUTT! I am DYING to see Pam’s space and this looks like some visual temptation for certain! SO glad you shared! Can’t wait!