Well darlings, I’m off. After days and days in the snow we’re escaping to Mexico for a holiday getaway, where I plan to do little more than this,

and a lot of this.
photo by John Dolan
Before I go, I had to share my last fashionista dilemma of 2008. Since I’ll be spending New Year’s Eve on the beach, my attire will be a little different than I normally go for. Here are my top choices thus far.

So many choices – so little time! Ah well, there will be plenty of great fashion moments next year.
I hope you get some good hugs for Christmas and a big wet kiss on the New Year luvies!
’till 2009,

What do you think?

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  1. I love all of the dresses. Maybe #3 would be best for a relaxed night on the beach? #2 seems more daytime, and #1 seems almost too fancy for the beach 🙂 Regardless – I’m jealous.

  2. A VERY Merry Christmas to you, Miss Erin! Hope you’re sunning it up Mexican style! Feliz Navidad!

    (And you’re baking adventures looked incredible! You go!)

    Happy New Year!

  3. Those are fab dresses, and I especially love the Alexander McQueen. I hope that you had a most wonderful and Merry Christmas and that you’re having the best vacation!

  4. Too late to vote, I’m sure, but if it wasn’t I would throw my support behind the Alexander McQueen. I love maxi dresses at evening beach parties, and that one is just special enough for an occasion like New Years without being too much for the location.