I love my redblooded american man with all my heart, but the look of the european portion of the gender  always catches my eye. I appreciate the asthetic of a good t-shirtas much as the next girl…

but a little spit and polish could do our american men some good. I think these clean and classy looks from Danish company The Kooples, would do just the trick, don’t you agree?

What do you think?

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  1. Oh my goodness, I think these looks are so great. I especially like the vest… I have to get one for my husband!

  2. You will have fun here when you finally visit 🙂 As my best friend’s mom has always said, even if you have a man, il faut se rinser l’oeil! 😉 (You need to rinse out your eyes from always looking at the same man!)

  3. Honey…PREACH IT…PREACH IT LOUD! I hear ya’! When I came back from Paris I was in shock at the reintroduction to our general appearance as Americans. It just looked like a sea of over-sized sweats and fleece. I need to pull my own shite together and go back to a better cultivated appearance. For now (says the man who throws stones in glass houses) I am burdened by my northwest dowdy. 🙁

  4. Sigh. This reminds me of how the huz used to dress when we lived in nyc. now that he works at a tech company in silicon valley, it’s jeans and a fleece all the time. i miss the days when he wore his slim paul smith suits!

    of course that makes me wonder what he thinks about the fact that i basically live in my pajamas now…