We are about to usher out a year that, for me, had many ups and many downs so I’m really looking forward to starting anew.

2010 will be my 30th year and the year I get married. I see it as the year of new beginnings. It will be my year for major growth, change and learning.

That’s why, dear readers, I’m coming to you on this final Wedding Wednesday of 2009 to ask for a little help.
cloth bound classics via here
I know I’ve got some learned followers out there and I’d like to tap your wisdom. What should a woman, recently turned 30, about to get married and starting a new decade of life, be reading?
I set a goal to read more in my 30’s and thought a new year is the perfect time to get started. So send those titles my way.
Here’s to a highly informed 2010!

What do you think?

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  1. If you haven't read the Glass Castle, READ IT. Then read Jeannette Walls second book that just came out called Half Broke Horses. I started it on Monday and I can't put it down.

    What a great thing to do in 2010. I love reading!

  2. I've not been reading too much lately… but I'd love hear some suggestions for my vacations! thank you for your sweet comments, darling! it was a great pleasure to know you this year! best wishes!

  3. The perfect book to kick off your 30's plus begin a fruitful life with your fiance is “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” A great (and easy) inspiring read on how to fully maximize and manage your finances whether you make $10/hr. or $250k/yr. You will be inspired!

    “The Golfer And The Millionaire” is another great, easy read. I am neither one of these nor necessarily aspire to be. This book is an excellent “mind set” read for anything you set out to conquer … like your 30's and marriage:)

    I'm halfway through “The Snowball” about Warren Buffet. There's something to be said about a gazillionaire and his wife who have 3 seemingly normal children who's main focuses are philanthropy. And they went to public school. Having kids of my own I thought that was interesting considering they could've gone anywhere in the world. Thought I could p/u a thing or three:)

    Sorry so long, I was just so excited to share my most recent reads:) Great post!

  4. The Fountainhead, by Ayn Rand.

    Enjoy your new life in 2010, you will be a gorgeous bride!

  5. Okay – it depends on what you’re in the mood to read!! Any of Malcolm Gladwell’s three books are great non-fiction reads. He’s a sociologist that writes in an accessible, journalistic style on super interesting topics. His book, Outliers, is all about the statistical coincidences and factors that contribute to a person’s success. Like 90% of professional hockey players are born in the same month, for example. If you’re looking for an entertaining, easy-to-get-into, emotion-stirring dramatic popular novel, then please, please, please read anything by Jodi Picoult. And, then there’s always the Twilight series… If you’re wanting to read something on spirituality, you should read either Traveling Mercies or Plan B by Anne Lamott. She has a rather unique, sometimes irreverent, and always unconventional approach to faith that is very refreshing. If you’re wanting to read a classic, Jane Austen is always a favorite. But you should also consider a classic American novel or short story by authors like Steinbeck, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, or Updike.

    Other things you should consider: reading a book that’s been adapted to film & then watching the movie (Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold), reading a modern adaptation of a Shakespeare play (A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley, for example), or even reading a book that you read in high school or college just to see how different you are from the last time you read it.

    Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!! ♥

  6. I'm a huge reader (former English major, lit teacher, and now journalist) and I'd have to recommend any book that celebrates women. A few suggestions…

    “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” by Betty Smith. Friends of my parents gave this book to me when I was a young girl. It's a really heartwarming and engrossing story growing up in early 20th century Brooklyn. I've read it about 15 times but STILL CRY at the sad parts. That's how good it is.

    “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Trust me, you may have dreaded reading this in high school lit class, but reading it as an adult gave me so much insight into romantic relationships and the imprtance of trust. Plus, Charlotte Bronte is just a genius writer.

    “I Capture the Castle” by Dodie Smith. The tale a girl who really grows up in an English castle, although her life is no fairytale.

    And a few more…
    If you love being scared silly: “The Little Strnger” by Sarah Waters
    If you want to laugh til you pee: “Straight Man” by Richard Russo”
    If you want to love being in love: “Love in the Time of Cholera” by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


  7. I recommend Beyond the Earth and the Sky to friends all the time. It's about a woman's journey to Bhutan. It's an incredible story I've read many times.

    I hope 2010 brings you lots of love and happiness!

  8. I'm not sure if these are quite what you are looking for… but I loved reading Eat Pray Love – especially her time in Italy. Lost Continent by Bill Bray will make you laugh and Bella Tuscany is a wonderful read too. There's so many to choose from and I know I can produce a better selection for you but I'm drawing complete blanks at the moment!

  9. Please read: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho! It will put life into perspective for you. Everytime I read it, I run into someone on the street who is reading it as well and we just smile at each other!

  10. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh is absolutely beautiful, as is Giliad by Marilyn Nielson and anything by Gary Snyder. Pynchon is a must read and The Crying of Lot 49 is good(and a lot easier than Gravity's Rainbow). Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union is really good. American Hybrid is a great way of familiarizing yourself with modern American poetry

  11. Hi,
    long time reader, first time poster!
    for a delicious sexy, daring, poetic love story: jeanette winterson's WRITTEN ON THE BODY and also nicole krauss's A HISTORY OF LOVE.
    for pure poetry: THE WAVES and MRS. DALLOWAY by virginia woolf. (also THE HOURS by Michael Cunningham)
    for laugh laugh laughing: NAKED by david sedaris (or anything else by him)
    for a rich, lovely, story: ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF SOLITUDE by Gabriel García Márquez and EVERYTHING IS ILLUMINATED by John Safran Foer.
    i love your blog, here's to reading more!

  12. Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto, Like Life and Self Help by Lori Moore, The Road, My Sisters Keeper, I'm going to pick up Lovely Bones next, before the movie hits!

  13. I'd have to second Water for Elephants and A History of Love, so so good.

    Cormac McCarthy is an amazing author and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Johnathan Safran Foer is another of my favorites.

  14. Ranier Maria Rilke on love – I especially like Letters to a Young Poet

    Little Women – the second half especially has some lovely sections on marriage

  15. Well for an easy laugh, I love Laurie Notaro. But I've been turning to classics that I never did read in college. I'm currently reading “Anna Karenina” and next is “Crime and Punishment.”

  16. I definitely second The Alchemist. Something clicks on in you as you read this book. I think that's what the author refers to as “the Language of the Soul”. A definite great way to start the new year…full of hope and dedication to making your life the one you've always wanted.

    “It has sold more than 65 million copies in more than 150 countries, becoming one of the best-selling books in history.” -Wikipedia

  17. This isn't a classic or anything, but in the spirit of marraige you should pick up “The 5 Languages of Love”. It was my first motivational book ever but the overall theme is great. It really helps you get a sense of you and your partners communication/love styles. I have given it to all of my engaged girlfriends since.

    p.s. I did a polaroid sign in book using a unique vintage photo album I found in Austin, Texas. It is the most amazing thing we took away from our wedding. Some of the bridesmaids put it together and snuck it in our luggage, we were able to look back at our guests as we sipped champagne and reminisced about the night over breakfast.

    sorry for such a long comment, your blog is great!

  18. thanks so much for your kind comments on my blog…so glad you stopped by! i'll be turning 30 this year, as well…next month, in fact (yikes!).

    congrats on your forthcoming marriage…what n exciting year this will be for you!

  19. Hey! This was one of my resolutions for the new year too-read more!

    I always think the best reading is inspirational reading.
    I just ordered “Left to Tell”- a story about an amazing woman who survived the Rwanda Genocide.

    Also, I am participating in the Slow Readers Book Club that several bloggers are doing.
    You can read more here:

    The first book we are reading sounds wonderful.

    Have a lovely week!

  20. When the spirit Catches you fall down by Fadiman

    anything by David Sedaris

    Pride and Prejudice

    1000 Splendid Suns and/or The Kite Runner

    Knitting While Under the Influence

    Good luck and enjoy!

    Also, my little suggestion, find a cozy place in your home and make it a reading nook, that way all the things you love when reading are there: the books, the chair, a throw, a great lamp with good light…to totally makes the mood!

  21. Eat, Pray, Love.

    The Alchemist.

    I'm starting on some of the M Gladwell bookes as well this year …

    Hope you find some reads which stir your heart 🙂

  22. Reading Lolita in Tehran
    challenging and interesting on so many levels.

    It's Not How Good You Are (It's How Good You Want To Be) – the world's best-selling book by Paul Arden

    The Translator

    What is the What

    and currently, not finished but very much enjoying Bel Canto. It's just a bit lovely 🙂