Hello all, I’m Helena from A Diary of Lovely. I’m really excited to be guest posting here at Erin´s home while she is enjoying the married life. I’m really excited for gorgeous Erin, she is entering an incredible new adventure in her life and I wish her all the best from the bottom of my heart (and I can’t wait to see the result of her amazing wedding when she comes back).

When Erin asked me to be part of her guest bloggers I said yes immediately, I’m really honored to be here and very excited to write about what makes me bliss. Now of course, I’m torn, because to be honest, too many things make me bliss. My family and boyfriend and happiness of course in general. But this is about lighter things and at the moment what really makes me bliss and go “aaaah” and “oooh” are gorgeous colorful scarves. I wear scarves all year long so you can imagine I have a good collection, it’s one of the many things I really enjoy buying. Scarves can be worn in so many ways and can dramatically change any possible look. They can add sparkle, coolness, sophistication, anything goes with the right scarf. Here are some of my faves.

I know it’s spring time and that I should be thinking about bikinis and sandals but here it’s still on the cold side so I couldn’t pass this chance to share my passion about scarves. Can you tell that I also love street style? Blissful! 

Thank you Erin, this has been so much fun! Be happy! 






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  1. ohhh these are some beautiful scarves!! i love dressing up my outfits with fun, colorful scarves!! not to mention, i'm ALWAYS cold so scarves just keep me a little bit warmer! =)

  2. J'adore scarfs…!! Glad to see I share my scarf obsession with you!!!
    Love all the pictures…so much style inspiration!!
    This post has inspired me to get out my summer scarfs!!! Helena, I Love your style!

  3. Great post Helena, I love scarves too. I got wonderful cream one with rose print on it from portobello last week. x

  4. Wonderful post, Helena! I agree with you on all aspects of wearing a scarf. They really finish off an outfit. Such a nice accessory!


  5. silk scarves are great in the spring- not hot and a fun infusion of color and pattern. Love that first on the best!

  6. I'm definitely thinking about more brighter scarves lately! Great inspiration. Thanks for the link love too 🙂

  7. scarves are my #1 accessory whether its hot or cold out! the weight of them just changes 🙂 it so easily makes the outfit.. just throw one on over a tank top and skirt and you're done!

  8. I like using light scarves for cool summer nights, or just to add a little fun. I love the top right scarf; perfect for summer!

  9. This is my first time to this blog, so Im super excited to check it out. I am a big fan of scarves too, especially ligh ones in the summer with tanks tops! XO

  10. Hi Helena, I had to pop over to visit you here. I am just switching my heavier scarves for lighter ones. Love them. xo

  11. My husband mocks me when I add a scarf in warmer times but they are always the perfect accesory to a simple outfit. They just add that little something. Great post!

  12. Hi!:D Beautiful pictures and I really like the first scarf!:D

    I have tons in my drawer, can't get enough of scarves!:D Thanks for the ideas!:D

    Happy Thursday!

    …and everything girly under the sun!

  13. I love scarves and I used them ven in spring or in summer evening!

    You did a very good job!

  14. actually if it keeps being this cold through spring, we'll all still need scarves :)! and i like wearing lighter ones in summer – they're just so fun to add to an outfit. beautiful scarves you've picked!

  15. i wear scarves everyday. even in the summer. so so lovely.
    helena….beautiful and inspiring post. as always my love!

  16. Yay for scarves. I don't wear them as much as I would like. But I always envy how chic some girls can make them. Speaking of… have you seen the recent Sartorialist post with the scarf tied around the girls head in a big bow? Holy wow! Scarf perfection. You have to check it out.

  17. Great post Helena! I love scarves too – they can definitely make a good outfit a fabulous outfit xx

  18. Fabulous guest post sweet Helena! I adore scarves as well, and ever since Lilly came out with the Murfee scarves, there is one in my bag at all times. Perfect way to change up an outfit and give it a new look!

    (CONGRATULATIONS ERIN! Here's to a lifetime of happiness to you and your new husband!)