My dears, I admit I might be off trend here but when I came upon Daytrip Society, a brilliant online variety shop based in Maine, I was immediately smitten with all of their anchor-based gear. Anchors are still cool right??

Well, even if anchors aren’t the hot thing anymore, I’m loving these options. They’re quite sea-worthy if you ask me! You can check out even more here

What do you think?

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  1. I heart anything nautical… anchors, stripes, sailor style pants, etc. All classicaly stylish.

    Lovely B.

  2. Anchors are totally in! If in doubt, listen to the song “Anchor” by Alejandro Escovedo. Love the tee-shirt.

  3. i'm hoping anchors never go out of style! i don't think i'll ever get sick of them…

  4. i think nautical is still strong this summer…really it seems to come back EVERY summer. i'm working on an anchor headband now! I just can't seem to find where my rope went…

  5. aw i love all these things, you should check out the post i just wrote about nautical stripes….they all are so hard to resist!

  6. Too cute. I love nautical stuff for summer. That duffle bag is perfect for the beach or bbq


  7. I remember seeing stores full of striped shirts while in Normandy 9 years ago. They sure didn't look stylish back then, but with all the nautical inspiration in today's fashion, I can't help but wish I had seen them in a different light.

    There's just something so happy about all things nautical.

  8. Anchors, and nautical themes are classics… and classics never go out of style! Great post!