This Tasty Tuesday I’m switching my focus from my favorite foods to rooms so good you’ll want to devour them.

As our home remodel planning moves forward my obsession with dark floors only grows deeper. Maybe it’s the rapidly shortening days and the impending desire to hibernate.

catering_1c via livetheemma
catering_2a via livetheemmaDesireToInspire via plush palate
images via livet hemma (from ikea btw!) and plush palate

Or that dark floor infuse a shot of sexy into a room that I just cannot get enough of. Or maybe it’s just the simple fact that this kitchen is too damn fabulous.

Ok, I think it’s official then. We have to pull the trigger. Dark hard woods for the new floors it is.

One home renovation decision made! One million to go…

What do you think?

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  1. Nice! Dark hard wood floors is definitely fabulous! Can't wait to see your space when it's all finish!

  2. WOW – the dark floors look AMAZING – u just gotta make sure u have high ceilings to make it work, no? … i was gonna go dark like these when i redid my floors – but i ended up keeping them natural ..

    PS: i'm hosting my FIRST give-away – come on by and enter!!! – $45 worth of goodness!

    *kiss kiss*

    ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dark hardwoods! I can't wait to see how you remodel!

    Thanks for the great post!


  4. And I am just about to paint my floors white….

  5. You've just opened my eyes to have great dark wood floors can be, Erin! I've thought about them in a bedroom before (with lots of soft textiles layered on top to make it cosy) but not in a kitchen space. That said this space is testament to the fact it can not only work, but work fabulously! Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. Agreed – dark floors are the way to go – add a little sophistication + drama with the constrast. How exciting to be selecting all the little details. Can't wait to see how it all turns out!

  7. Wow – I bookmarked a dark floor kitchen you posted last week and blogged about it today. I've spent the last few hours scouring the web for other perfect dark floor rooms and ended up choosing that first shot you used without even knowing you posted this today! Crazow, what wonderful taste you have!

  8. love our dark floors but do not love the light dog hair it shows, gross really.

  9. love those dark floors – I've been toying with painting the floors in a room or two in my house. Need to get my courage up though.

  10. Hi cannot wait to bake these cupcakes, thanks great blog. Also love dark floors, the furniture seems to float in a space with dark floors.