It was so fun to share a sampling of our wedding photos last week! Flipping through them again brought me right back to that beach and the amazing feeling of that day.

As my mother recently told me, ‘you were positively beaming the entire time.’ And I was, both inside and out, despite being sick the night before. Despite waking up to no running water. Despite it being the windiest day of the entire year!

Yet it was all perfect. Here are a few more of the reasons why:

The surroundings.


All of our DIY flowers, especially my bouquet.


Our Polaroid guestbook.


Candlelight everywhere.

002853-R01-013 002853-R01-019

The local wildlife.

002876-R01-015 002877-R01-006

Our DIY decor (that all had to be moved inside at the very last second. I didn’t even know. It was brilliant.)

002874-R01-028 002855-R01-024

The fashion. Wearing the dress lived up to the hype.

002857-R01-027 002870-R01-009

A proper cocktail. We called this one the ‘Happily Ever After.’

002872-R01-025 002871-R01-002



And, most importantly, my husband.

all photography by jose villa

Nearly 9 months later and I’m still not quite used to saying that. The honeymoon period isn’t over yet!

Next up, a peak into our hometown reception.

What do you think?

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  1. Simply beautiful! Where did you find those rectangular lanterns?! I've been looking for something similar for my wedding. Thanks!

  2. I love all the contrasts! The black pebbles and the white candle, the darks and lights in your bouquet, and the most important part–you and your husband in your stunning dress and his dark top. Really breathtaking!

  3. It makes me so happy to see other people happy! Even though my relationship isn't the best right now, this gives me hope that love prevails 🙂

    Absolutely amazing photos and you clearly had a fantastic time!

  4. It looks like an absolutely perfect day. Your dress is beautiful and I love the idea of a Polaroid guestbook. Congratulations!

  5. I loved seeing that you were married in LB…it is such a special place that so few people know about. My family has a place in Punta Pescadero and have been going there for 20+ years. I can only imagine how much work you did to plan the wedding there.

  6. These pictures are amazing… I love all the decor & your dress! Gorgeous!

  7. i just love it. it's amazing how the whole day just falls into place and all the planning and hardwork to get there, it doesn't even matter any more.

  8. Just beautiful! I'm getting married this spring and hope to be able to laugh off anything that may not go as planned. Good for you for being able to do so.

  9. Oh my goodness my dear! You look radiant!

    Just catching up on the rest of your photos on SMP. It all looked so lovely. Every detail was the essence of you!

  10. These are fantastic, you're making me dream of Cabo!!

    P.S. Your bouquet was divine.

  11. Thanks all so much for the too sweet comments! Its so fun to look at the pics and relive that day. It certainly has me craving a trip to Mexico right about now!

  12. wow! you look gorgeous.. loved your wedding pictures.. also the ones from style me pretty! they are stunning!.. I am from Baja but not that south.. just Ensenada so I was thrilled to see you decided to marry there! so original, intimate and beautiful!