On Monday mornings you’ve got more than enough on your to-do list , right? A major wardrobe choice should not have to be one of them.

monday workwear easy

Make life easy by pairing a classic tee and a simple trouser with a dash of one of spring’s hottest colors. I’d happily take a little hit of my coral and call it good to go.

Happy Monday luvies!
*Mrs. E

images via style.com and brown dress with white dots

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  2. Thankyou for the fabulous advice! Great inspiration and great photos! I'll bear a t-shirt and smart trousers in mind when I dont know what to wear to work!xxxxxxxx

  3. Love the outfit in the left! The strong colors are the only trick the outfit needs to stand out.

  4. Perfect day today for a loungy, classy outfit…which I completely did not choose for work today…maybe I should have checked your blog before leaving this morning!

  5. Your newest follower, and loving what I see! Keep it up, I'll stay tuned 🙂 todays outfits are adorable!