I am a self-proclaimed make-up novice. Despite multiple attempts to learn tricks of the trade I remain relatively clueless on how to make make-up work for me. I always fall back on the barest of essentials. Tinted moisturizer, mascara, gloss. That pretty much sums it up.

all images via f…tourist

That’s why I”m loving these barely there make-up looks. I’m sure it takes an equal amount of skill to appear impossibly fresh and stunning and like you’re not wearing a speck of anything.

What do you think? Are you a fan of a full-face alla Kim Kardashian or the less is more option? I’d love to know your favorite make-up trick!

What do you think?

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  1. fresh faced, for sure! Although I, of course, think I look retched without makeup on! 🙂

  2. It's hard to say what looks “better.” I think Kate Hudson's clean face is just as gorgeous as Kim's made up one. Maybe it just depends on a women's personality & style. I am a natural girly-girl, so I tend to go over the top when it comes to cosmetics. I don't want to be stereo-typical, but I think it really does come down to a women's nature.

    [ keep calm & blog on ] xx katy

  3. I am a fan of less is more when it comes to make up. I have the same routine everyday…bronzer, eyeliner, mascara and chapstick! Switch it up to lipgloss if I am going out. Love the pictures.


  4. I'm so conflicted! I love both. I love fresh faced, but I also looove putting on some fun, fabulous makeup – false eyelashes, a little bit of glitter (around the holidays), etc.

    I'd say my biggest makeup secret is High Beam as a highlighter (for either of the above looks). I couldn't live without it! It's $24 a bottle, but it lasts me several months. Well worth the investment!

  5. oh, im going for according to the occasion.
    im certainly NOT the full thing person, put i like brownish eye shadows, or some eyeliner, or maybe a bright lipstick if we are talking of something bigger than everyday style, but never more than that!!!

  6. that's so funny because I was just putting on my make up and thinking what a novice I was! I love the natural look too…although it's nice to add a little glam every now and then. But natural is always best in my opinion. 🙂

  7. For day to day, definitely a fresh pretty face! But I do like to have some fun on occasion 🙂 My mom has watched when I do my makeup to try and figure out how I do it haha It's hard to teach though, I just know how to put it on my face haha

  8. i'm totally the same way and therefore have to take the less is more route. but these photos justify it!

  9. i'm definitely a less is more kinda gal. my daily makeup routine takes all of 5 minutes…and thats even allotting time for how many times i drop everything. my evening makeup takes a few more minutes, but its really just adding a bit of colour to my lips and creating a bit more drama with my eyes.
    very simple!

  10. Kim Kardashian's makeup addiction borders on annoying. There's a time and place for full-on glam, and I don't think that is everyday wear. I like to wear as little as possible everyday. I save the big guns for nights out and special events.

  11. What's amazing is HOW MUCH WORK the makeup-free face requires. You have to avoid looking like a corpse or like you didn't do a thing. Love these looks, but I'm a girl who desperately needs mascara 🙂