It’s official. Jenna Lyons has done it again. Images of this week’s  JCrew Fall collection preview are hitting hot and heavy across the blogosphere.

Like most, I am also totally smitten with everything I’m seeing, particularly after I noticed the heavy streetstyle influence. Here are a handful of my faves.


Here’s hoping that the looks turn out to be as fabulous in person as they appear online – especially this little number which I want asap!

(Do you ever go into JCrew after a lookbook or catalog comes out and feel as thoroughly disappointed with the fit and quality as I do?)

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What do you think?

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  1. Yay for trenches! Now if only to find a way to walk to work in heels that high 😉

  2. I LOVE J. Crew and all the fantastic styles they have to offer. However, like you, I have issues with the fit. =[

  3. Amazing collection…but I have to agree with you. I am always so disappointed when I go to the store and actually try on my favorite looks. They never seem to fit right 🙁

  4. I totally agree about the in-store disappointment! I know to expect the quality issue now, but the fit is never right on me. I have a feeling that there are a ton of clips and pins down each model's back to fix the fit.

    That is why I love seeing how bloggers wear the latest clothes… you know there are no tricks, just styling.
    -lola –

  5. I always love the looks, but nothing EVER fits me unless its a cardigan or top. Forget dresses or bottoms.

  6. it is very pretty. and I do love me some J.Crew . . . my sister had us do the j.crew dress = bridesmaid's dress thing when she got married, and it went off without a hitch (the dresses and the wedding).

    I just wish they'd take into account breasts when doing the sizing for button down shirts.

    just sayin'

  7. I sometimes have issues with fit and question the quality of the pieces. It's disappointing because I think we all expect a little but more from JCrew. But, the styling is always spot on in every campaign. So we can style ourselves JCrew without always buying JCrew, right? Haha!

  8. i absolutely love the second pic— boots, pants and coats ahh so london and new york!
    kinda in love

  9. The collection looks very nice or better said, the styling. Unfortunately, not only with J Crew one happens to be disappointed with the actual quality of clothes after seeing them in the lookbook. The trench coat is my favourite as always and the fuchsia pants are so chic and eye catching.

  10. Love that top left jacket, perfect for this season! I would wear it lots and lots!! Have a great weekend! x

  11. I often love the look books, but when I get into the store it's clear that a number of pieces are H&M quality. Exceptions: Basics and coats. Any coat I've ever bought from J Crew has been a solid purchase, and I wear my black Minnie pants three times a week.


  12. I think J.Crew's quality has really suffered lately. I expect more for what they charge. I also hate the online final sale and when they do free shipping on $100 I feel like they are being cheap since the $100 is calculated after discounts. I've stopped buying from them, but I can create similar look book looks from other brands! I do like the styling.

  13. YES!! I have tried and tried to take some of that fabulousness home from the store… each time I'm disappointed with the quality/fit… I've had better luck with the crewcuts selection for my kids.

    Great post!
    -Jennie Butson

  14. Yes. every time.
    I am not sure if it is my body type or what, but I am NEVER satisfied with the fit from Jcrew.

    Sometimes I still buy things and make them work, but they could always be better…
    They have an excellent stylist and photographer that never show the awkward angles of their clothes.