Wowza. It’s the end of September. Can anyone explain how that happened?! I think it is high time we try to sloooowwww this puppy down.

As the temperatures continue to cool and the nights grow a little longer, it does feel good though doesn’t it? 

This weekend we’ll be exploring yet another new neighborhood, seeing some family and indulging in  much needed downtown. How about you luvies?

If you’re looking for something to keep you busy, here a few fun things from the week:

~ I’ve tumbled head over heels for this tumblr
~ I have totes on the brain
~ A new reason to join team Kelly
~ The new Matchbook Magazine debuts Monday but you can get a sneak peak now.
~ Martha Stewart Living picked some favorite finds, including one of mine {omgomgomg}
~ I shared my style essentials with the dazzling Camille
~ There have been a plethora of bloggers’ events this week & it’s all been captured on the Apartment 34 Facebook page

And before I go, here is your third installment of Noteworthy Newbies. I’m particularly smitten with this week’s picks:

Noteworthy Newbies 3.0
~ Hip Hip Gin Gin
~ Life’s Little Gem
~ In the City with Crystalin
~ Ryzenbergon On
~ Thunder in Our Hearts

Till Monday luvies,

images via here and erin ever after

What do you think?

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  1. I would explain the coming of the end of September, but I have no freaking clue how that happened either! I do love fall though, but the holidays are sneaking up a LITTLE too quickly. Date night tonight, relax tomorrow, and throwing a baby shower Sunday. Busy bees we are!

  2. I really do like that tote in the first picture – do you know where it's from?

  3. Aww Erin, so sweet! Thanks for the love and for stopping by the Media Girl blog 🙂 Weekends spent exploring the many neighborhoods this city has to offer might just be the best thing!

    Have a fantabulous weekend and hope to run into you soon 😉

  4. I always enjoy visiting the links you share… and these ones I'm pretty sure are all impressive too.

    Thanks for sharing ♥

    Love your images.

  5. Thanks a mil for stopping by the blog this week doll…your “essentials” were as inspiring as I knew they'd be! xx