If you love the new look of Apartment 34 this giveaway is for you.

Laura, the talent behind our redesign, is not only a brilliant web designer, but she’s also a rock star blogger in her own right. If you haven’t frequented The Daylight yet, you’ve been missing out on Laura’s gorgeous moodboards. She pairs artwork with stunning interiors and her eye is always spot on. But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can see her Artful Interiors column over at the uber-fabulous Design for Mankind every week.

Sunset 2011
yago hortal roundup3

That’s why I am so excited about this giveaway.  Laura is generously offering you, dear readers, something incredibly precious ~ a piece of her original artwork! The painting above is actually a Laura Burkhart original entitled Sunset and one lucky Apartment 34 reader will get to have it for their very own.

Here’s how to enter:

  • Head over to The Daylight and follow along here
  • Leave a comment on this post telling us how you’d use this piece in your home
  • For an extra entry, follow Laura on Twitter here

A winner will be chosen {at random} on Tuesday, September 20!

Update: please note the paiting is a 12 x 12

Good luck luvies!!

What do you think?

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  1. Beautiful! I started following Laura – and took time to look at some of her other pieces and they are gorgeous. I have a few places in mind that I would want to hang her art work in my home, but the first place I think of is in my bedroom I have this very big bare wall that I have been on the hunt for the perfect piece of art – and this would fit the bill for sure! Hope I get to win!
    Much love,

  2. OH! I love this piece as well as many others on Laura's site. This piece would definitely be at home in the breakfast nook. What a great way to start the day, with coffee of course! Thanks for this great chance to win an amazing piece of art.
    [email protected]

  3. Following you and Laura. What great art. I would put this above my kitchen sink. I don't have a big window in my kitchen, but this would be just as beautiful as looking out to the sunset. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  4. My sister and I live together and we have finally made the time to decorate our house. Unfortunately, we're running high on wall space and low on beautiful, unique art. The piece by Laura would definitely give our home the flare we're looking for!

  5. I'd put that sucker (or one like it) right up over my bead. Don't have a headboard but I think this would replace a headboard quite nicely and add a ton of color to the otherwise bland and white, artless, wall.

  6. I love Laura’s dramatic yet subdue use of color to create an emotional connection with space, place and true feelings through art. Many times I have yearned for one of her pieces – but this one in particular has an remarkable ying-yang effect to it. It is like a deep breath – the blue and orange immediately makes me think of calm and welcoming energy.

    This past year, staring October 1 2010, has been one of the rockiest in my life. I love my new city, my new place and my new life – but it hasn’t been without low-points and difficulties. I think having this painting in my house would reminder me:

    “Live everyday with calm and welcoming energy”

  7. Yes, Laura is truly a multi-talented rock star (and such a sweetheart!) I've been lucky enough to see her paintings in person and they are amazing! Haven't gotten into our new place yet, but I know her painting would fit in beautifully anywhere! Love her and her blog! 🙂

  8. Hello. As a fellow Laura and Seattle person I found Laura on Kelley Moore's blog. I really enjoy the color and the beautiful original art work that is put out. I saw a showing of Laura's on her sight and wished I was home again. This peice would make my 300sq ft home in Boston shine! Till I am home again. Thanks for the opportunity.

  9. Beautiful painting! I love her blog! following her on bloglovin and twitter. I would hang this piece right over my credenza in the living room. So perfect for the mood and feel of the room.


  10. following. and this is an amazing giveaway and piece! i would hang it in my kitchen because it just seems like something that would bring a smile to your face every morning and you could enjoy with your coffee.

  11. Beautiful piece! I would hang it in a sadly under-decorated guest room in my house and use it as inspiration for a re-design of the whole room!

  12. Seriously pretty! I would put it on the 'mantle' right above my 'beige' breakfast nook that desperately needs something 'fancy'. Yep, that's what I'd do alright.

  13. Love this piece – And I am now following Laura on bloglovin and her work is amazing – What would I do with this piece? Well, I would definitely hang it up immediately in my living room over my study desk. It's my last semester of college and it can be my “light at the end of the tunnel” inspiration. It's really a beautiful piece isn't it?



  14. Love this piece – And I am now following Laura on bloglovin and her work is amazing – What would I do with this piece? Well, I would definitely hang it up immediately in my living room over my study desk. It's my last semester of college and it can be my “light at the end of the tunnel” inspiration. It's really a beautiful piece isn't it?



  15. The colors are gorgeous!! This would love brilliant in my mid-century cliff may ranch with lots of color I would rearrange the shelving in my dining room as I think it would look great in there.

  16. oh em gee. I am in LOVE. I have been looking for a beautiful “me” piece or artwork for my tiny little studio for months, and this is PERFECT. It will brighten my day every time I see it 🙂

  17. i just started following Laura and oh man, this painting belongs in my bedroom! the idea of a gorgeous sunset on my wall to wake up and go to sleep to daily, well, thats just heaven.

  18. I die! I would love to hang this right above our bed. Beautiful. Original. Perfect! Following Daylight blog and twitter.


  19. I'd hang this in my room above my bookshelf/storage space! Love the colors in this piece. They'll make any area pop 🙂

  20. Because Apt. 34 has helped inspire me to work up the courage and start looking into moving to NYC, I now really need to spruce up my home to sell and I think this piece my just do the trick for my office.

  21. I'd use this painting in my new apartment. I just moved from Rhode Island to San Francisco to begin a new chapter. The painting would make a fabulous addition to my new room, which boasts magical views of the golden gate and San Francisco bay.

  22. We've been looking for the perfect painting to go on the wall behind our living room couch. This would be perfect! I love the bright colors.
    What a great giveaway! Thank you!

  23. now following her on twitter! *fingers crossed*

  24. Hi!

    This painting would definitely be perfect form a blank wall in my living room.

    I´m following Laura (and apartment34!!)on bloglovin´


  25. I've been following Laura's blog since your redesign. This painting is gorgeous and would be perfect for the new house I just moved into three days ago! It'd certainly make all the unpacking feel more manageable.

  26. I just moved into a new apartment and this piece would be perfect for my gallery wall!

    Following on GFC.

  27. I would put this in my newly redesigned bedroom… it would be the perfect finishing touch!!

  28. I would hang this over my kitchen table. It is such a statement piece and would spark dinner party conversation!

  29. I would hang this over my kitchen table. It is such a statement piece and would spark dinner party conversation!

  30. What a beautiful piece! We're in the process of redecorating our bedroom and I want bright colors in the art. This beauty would be perfect in our little NYC apartment 🙂 AND the giveaway ends on the day of my birthday! must be a sign… !


  31. This piece is bright and beautiful – it is the type of image that I would love to wake up to every morning. My bedroom is just white walls right now and this piece of art would be the perfect thing to brighten up my room…and my mood every morning. I would feel very lucky to own it.

  32. Oh my-

    I love it! I would hang it in my kitchen so the light could catch it in the morning. What a lovely thing to wake up to!


  33. Seriously in LOVE with that painting! Could put it anywhere, but I'm def thinking I'd hang it in my as I have an empty wall that would be perfect for it–it'd catch the morning sunshine from my skylight and would be a great calming piece for the room. Love it!

    Following her blog now too. 🙂

  34. this piece would brighten my otherwise neutral living room! i have a neutral tones couch, and light yellow walls…they are just begging for some of the beautiful blue hues in this painting. beautiful blog as well. look forward to following it! Ciao,

  35. Following you and Laura! I've been looking for the perfect piece to put above my mantle and this painting is exactly what I am looking for! The colors are perfect…beautiful! Fingers crossed!!

  36. Beautiful colors! They say to keep it cool in the bedroom but this piece would definitely hang over my bed. I've been searching for something special and this just may be it!

  37. I love original art and her paintings are beautiful! I think I would use it as the focal point of my living room. Most definitely.

  38. oh wow…that piece would be such a perfect fit on this odd little wall near my bed that's begging for a pop of color. thanks for posting the giveaway, fingers crossed that I win!

  39. Laura's work is amazing! I would love to have one in my dining room. They'd be a great pop of color and energy in there.

  40. Thank you for this giveaway! The walls in my bedroom are totally bare, save for some sweet old love notes I have (embarrasingly) just taped up there. I would love to hang this above my bed so that it's the first soothing thing I see when I enter my room after a long day.

  41. My living area has a lot of teal/greens and I've been thinking of adding pops of orange in pillows but I seeing this piece of art, I think it would add just the right balance of color with the orange and look perfect over the sad wall above my sofa. Fingers crossed!
    [email protected]

  42. I would love to win this giveaway! I will be moving to a new apartment in October and have decided my room needs a makeover. I'm thinking I want to keep most furniture white and add splashes of color. This painting would be the perfect splash! Gorgeous!

  43. This art is so inspiring, I would place it somewhere I could fully look at it each morning and feel vibrant, and alive each day, right over the head of the stair way would be perfect.

  44. Such a great follow – Laura is super talented. I've got a big grey sofa which is calling a piece of artwork above! Love how this would be such a great transition piece for contemporary meets traditional interiors.

  45. Laura's work is inspiring! I would put this piece in the hallway, as the first thing you see when you walk in!

  46. It's just lovely, would go great in my living room with all my orange accessories! + followed on Twitter

  47. I love this piece and Laura's blog. I would definitely put it in my living room, because it is turquoise and orange! It would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity.