The ultimate chocolate chip cookie just might be the holy grail of baking. I’ve long been in search of the perfect recipe; read loaded with gooey chocolate chunks, crisp on the outside with a tender center with just a touch of salty to balance the sweet.

I don’t know if it’s because we’re about to move into our new home or because my mom has been visiting but I’ve recently been in the mood to strike out on the hunt again.

Can’t you just see yourself in this stunning kitchen {another loft inspiration!}churning out some chewy chocolate goodness?

I have to admit I’ve yet to attempt the famous New York Times endorsed Jacques Torres recipe. It is revered as the very best. But who has pastry flour on hand or can ever manage to wait the 24 hours required to chill the dough?! {when I’m craving cookies, I’m craving them now!}

What do you think luvies? Do you know the secret to ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe? Are there tried and true techniques? Have you tried the Jacques recipe? I’d love to know what you think.

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As soon as I’ve unleashed our KitchenAid from within our massive stack of boxes I will be doing my own taste test. I’ll be sure to share the results with you!
Full baking directions here images via here and here

What do you think?

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  1. I made these last week and the chilling works! I tried this recipe with and without chilling the dough and the ones the next day were definitely better. I used all pastry flour (that is what we get here in France) and they were delicious.

  2. I'll message you my address for my personal batch, just kidding! I prefer open kitchens with minimal cabinets. I installed a few shelves when I lived in my studio just for this effect.

  3. mmm I know what you mean about the sweet & salty mix. I use the Crisco Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and slightly underbake them. Is Crisco gross? I don't know…but try it sometime! really really tasty.

  4. I recently discovered the trick – use a 1/4 cup more flour!

  5. Thanks for the tips everyone. As soon as we're settled Im going to get to baking

  6. Chocolate chip cookies. I love them for how classic they are. Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe.
    Mind taking a look at my blog?