So I failed. I just couldn’t do it. I couldn’t go a whole week without blogging. But I couldn’t resist dropping in to say hi to you luvies! Plus I have a burning fashion question and I just had to get your thoughts.

I’ve been watching the surging popularity of capes with great interest. I’m considering it one of the greatest fashion questions of Fall 2011.


This all began when I found myself particularly smitten with this cape {given how well the lovely Ahn wears it!}. I even ran out to my local Zara with the full intent of getting one of my own. But then I just couldn’t do it. I walked away with a coat instead {one that I’m constantly complimented on btw!}

There are lovely options out there in both categories…

So what say you? Are you in the cape camp, or the coat camp? Let your voice be heard! I’m honestly quite curious about this one.

Alrighty, fashion fix satisfied. I am now going back into my decor cave.

See you again soonly luvies,

What do you think?

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  1. Capes are so lovely and chic but I just feel that coats are more secure and warmer. I tend to give into my practical side.

  2. Love the style of the cape, but realistically, I couldn't see myself wearing it regularly. So I suppose, I'd have to say coat (with awesome buttons).

  3. Definitely Cape it. I mean I know it's an item that comes back in style, but no matter what you always make a statement! Love that Zara has a great selection too!

  4. as with most items of clothing, it mostly boils down to an issue of body type coupled with how the item is structured. sometimes capes look fabulously, depending on the draping and the shape, and the person wearing them. for a curvier girl, a large, shapeless cape is going to look awful, while a sleek belted coat that accentuates the waist is going to look better.

    also, fabric and color play a huge role too. anything synthetic is going to look like crap and will never last.

  5. i wish I could say cape but I lean towards the coat! I love to see capes but somehow I feel they make me look voluminous which I dislike… will probably change my mind if I try one that fits me great!

  6. I want a cape so bad!!! I would look way over dressed in the town I live in, but I neeeed one

  7. I LOVE the capes and ponchos. I just don't know if they are as practical as a coat being that they are probably not as warm. I say you need both!

  8. I love the look of capes but don't think it's something I can pull off! I'm much more a coat girl – I don't think I'd be warm enough in a cape and they look awkward with a lot of bags too

  9. I first noticed capes on etsy, so i considered making one for my daughter & niece. Then i thought “i want one too!” I've tried on a few. I havent found the right length & shape yet but will definately be adding one to my couterware collection this winter.

  10. I have both and it's hard to say which one to go for,but if you already have a fabulous go to coat then why not try a cape.Just make sure you have the right proportion 🙂

  11. If I were to choose between a coat and a cape, I would go for a coat, and those minimalist style ones you've selected are so beautiful! But I've been craving a cape for a while now and I'm definitely considering adding one to my wardrobe. The burgundy one is stunning! 🙂

  12. The thing about the cape is, it's perfect if you live in LA, where it can get chilly but often not cold enough for a full on coat, especially during the day. Plus, you can rock it with a dolman sleeve or kimono sleeve blouse, whereas not so much with a coat. I'm curvy too, and the key really is finding the right cape. A belted cape is awesome on a curvy girl, and so is a non-belted one if it drapes just so.

    Since I've already got coats, I'm cape all the way!

  13. My vote goes to the great capes! I don't own one, myself. But I do have a vintage pattern that I'm trying to re-work before winter is over.