Before we head into the weekend {and I get to do the special project I’ve been prepping for all week ~ spoiler coming to Facebook later today!} I had to bring you one more dream home inspiration post. This one isn’t from another blogger, but rather from an Apartment 34 reader who’s sweet note and lovely post were just too good not to share.

I so hope you’ve enjoyed this week of decor inspiration. I’m definitely looking forward to being back – I have so much to share with! We’re going to head into the holidays in style!

Till Monday luvies,

Hi there, my name is Lennie and I am honored and excited to be posting
in Apartment #34!!!

So let’s get started…

When asked what is my dream home I always hesitate.

Endless options, constantly changing trends, many decisions to take, and only one place.

I guess my dream home would have to be one that can constantly evolve, with no permanent boundaries
and plenty of room for changes.I think my main areas in the house would have to be the kitchen, the bedroom and the living room- and these are the ones I will be addressing in this post.


I really love large scale, open kitchens, where everyone can get together to talk and cook. A major plus would be to have a kitchen filled with natural light and beautiful view like this one (really feels like you’re cooking outside).

This one is also a good example of a large scale, open kitchen.

I also love to add lots of color. As pink is one of my favorites, I just adore this one here.


Moving along to another important area in the house, my main goal is to have a cozy, intimate (but not small) living room, where everyone can feel comfortable.

I really don’t like going to someone’s place and feeling like I can’t touch anything…
a house is meant to serve the ones who live in, and not the other way around, right?!

This is such a gorgeous room, with those long narrow windows and the mix of natural light coming from the outside together with the warm colors of the furniture inside the house. Feels so natural I think.

This one below is another great option. Rich colors, little pieces of art and lots of cool accessories.

I wouldn’t mind living here as well…

I guess you already noticed I really love natural light. Just take a look at this beautiful living room and see if you dare to think otherwise…


On to a favorite room (as many women would agree with me), this is of course the bedroom. I don’t know about you but I need a room where I can relax and feel calm and peaceful, away from all the hassles of the world. Here are a few favorite options:
I would’nt mind sleeping on the rug… looks so inviting. I also love the way all the colors in this room work so well together.
On the other hand, look at this white beauty below. Simple, clean, timeless decor.

Serenity now.

I hope you enjoyed my dreams and found some inspiration of your own.

I’ll leave you with some food for thought {courtesy of Jane Austen}:


“There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort”

[images via Pinterest]

What do you think?

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  1. Fabulous pics Lennie, loved them all. Nothing beats natural light, makes a room shine like a gem & makes us human happy!

    Have a terrific weekend both you and Erin.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  2. Absolutely stunning. I'm seriously feeling like redecorating right now- just need a bigger house first.

  3. oh beautiful spaces!! all of them! I fell in love with the lucite and grey bench! makes that living room look amazing!

  4. I would move into those living rooms right now! I have that last photos pinned on pinterest too. It definitely spells serenity, but equally looks lived in.