You see blog posts about rooms from the runway, places to spaces, and shoes to rooms {I should really bring that back!} all the time, but what about the practical pairing of food and decor? The natural pairing seems to be getting short shrift.

Because tasty treats ought to go hand in hand with equally appealing spaces to eat them in, wouldn’t you agree? For example, I’m currently craving this delectable duo…

I’ve never met a vegetable I haven’t loved in french fry form so I’m dying to try the parsnip version! The preparation would be made all the more fun with stunning dark counters and easy to access open shelving with my collection of beautiful ceramics on display.
So buying parsnips and collecting ceramics, gotta get on that!

food photography by sarah britton of my new roots, interior via here

What do you think?

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  1. Oh my, that is pretty true, Erin. Especially since food styling is so inspiring and beautiful. Maybe you should make here a new blog series and set ground for this cool idea. And THANK you big time for linking to my humble blog series. Hugs from Munich, Igor xoxo

  2. i love food,especially veg. Parsnips have such a sweet and strong taste.I use hem often in cooking and frying:)
    come along… and take a look at my blog:)check out my art
    follow if you like it:)