How are those new year resolutions coming along luvies? Broken any yet? I thought that might be the case. While I’m not a proponent of extreme diets or other manic attempts to right eating wrongs, sometimes you just need a little kick in the pants to get started. That why I embarked on the Can-Can Juice cleanse last week.

For three days I stuck to the regime that included a mix of eight drinks including fresh juices, teas and a {super-good} seasonal soup. And I’m happy to report I was quite pleased with the results.


Here’s what I experienced: hunger, aches and pains and general fatigue and then, on the third day, increased energy, total lack of coffee cravings {and I haven’t needed coffee since!} and a genuinely peppy mood. I was actually sad to sip my last bit of nut milk and lemongrass tea. 

But now what? Pretty much anyone can stick to a strict regime for three days. Then real life intervenes.


If you’re making the foray into cleaning up your eating habits for the first time, there are simple, easily adaptable things you can do {Disclaimer: I’m a health nut and fitness enthusiast to begin with so these types of suggestions are not life altering for me}:

~ Dedicate yourself to home cooked meals {I’m currently doing the Bon Appetit Foodie Cleanse, because you can drink wine!}
~ Swap fruit yogurt for plain greek yogurt
~ Try a soy or coconut based ice cream instead of dairy
~ Stay away from white. White bread, white sugar, white flour. It’s what I like to call air food.
~ Kick bad beverages to the curb. This means soda, diet soda (yes, zero calorie does not mean ok for you} fancy coffee drinks and sugary juices.

Now, if you’re like my husband who loves his OJ in the morning, there are workarounds to these rules. I was excited to learn about Trop50, a new juice beverage from Tropicana that has 50% less sugar and 50% fewer calories than your typical store bought orange juice.

EDOC4887 cannelle

Rather than a sugar bomb, it’s sweetened with Stevia {a natural sweeter that I actually love to bake with too}. This could be the breaker of my no sugary drink rule.

Trop50 is also having a little fun with the idea of resoltuions. On their Facebook page you can discover your “real resolution.” It goes a little something like this: in 2012 I want to get in better shape….so that my ex’s jaw hits the floor the next time I run into him.

I’ll confess, when I entered mine it came back as: in 2012 I want to read more books…so I have more interesting things to say at dinner parties! Ha! Sad, but kinda true too.

Head over to Trop50’s Facebook page to find out what your 2012 resolution is really all about. They’re making it worth your while too – you’ll get a coupon to try Trop50 and could win a $1,000 giftcard. That’ll get you a lot of good OJ!

Cheers to a healthy, happy year luvies,

This post is sponsored by the team at Trop50. Cleanse c/o the Can-Can Cleanse, images via with style & grace and canellevanille

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  1. I'm so down with home-cooked meals. They're the best kind (so rewarding!). Also discovered greek yogurt in 2011, and I use it instead of cream cheese or sour cream in everythingggg. So much love for that yogurt!

  2. Yikes. Cleanses scare me! Although, I totally admire people who can pull it off. You're an inspiration. 🙂

  3. thanks for the dietary suggestions! i wish there was a great juicery near me. i'd love to try a cleanse!

  4. I did the Can Can cleanse a month ago, and although I was expecting thicker juices, I ended up being okay on it. The almond milk late in the day is such a relief! Would love to hear how the foodie cleanse goes…keep meaning to start it and deadlines get in the way!