After a week of rest and relaxation I’m feeling almost ready to renter the hustle and bustle. Almost….

For the moment, I’m going to meditate on this little mantra as I ready myself to kick it back into high gear.

And I’m going to have to be ready to bring it! Next week is jam packed with some amazing events!

Tomorrow the famed Kinfolk Magazine dinner arrives in San Francisco. I’m eager to see what familiar and new faces I’ll run into there. If you don’t already know Kinfolk get thee a subscription immediately {first issues are already going like hotcakes on eBay!}. The incredibly talented team behind the mag have decided to take their mission of celebrating small gatherings on the road, hosting dinners around the country. If they’re headed your way be sure to sign up!

Then Sunday I hop down to L.A. for my first ever LuckyFABB Bloggers Conference! I couldn’t be more excited to meet a bevy of style-minded west coast bloggers and the entire Lucky Magazine team. I can hardly believe I’ve read that magazine for 15+ years and now I’m attending their conference. Yet another reminder of why I love blogging. I’ll be sure to keep my satorial radar on high alert. I have a feeling I’m in for a very good showing!

And all that happens before Tuesday! If you need a few things to keep you busy this weekend here are some fun ones:

~ We had a really good time in Palm Springs as evidenced on Instagram.

~ I discovered the joy of this lovely libation.

~ Victoria shed light on some great fashion mysteries.

~ I caught up online while on vacay – the new issue of Styled was stunning!

~ CB2 is hosting a series of DIY Saturdays. This week in San Francisco you can learn to terrarium with the stunning Lila B Designs. Treats included of course. Check if your city is on the event list here.

~ Help my bestie Caitlin win the Apartment Therapy Small/Cool contest.

~ I still wish I was wearing this right now!

It’s also nearly the end of April…can you believe it? I want to be sure to thank all the lovely sponsors we’ve had on the blog this month including Seren & Lily, the lovely NY boutique Poppy, Ruby Lane, ShopPrettyMommy and newcomer Urban Decals. We are now accepting sponsors for May and beyond so please hit me up if you’re interested! Details are here.

And since I did manage to unplug a little bit this week, I didn’t have a chance to uncover a new class of Noteworthy Newbies. Have you discovered any lately that you think make the cut?! Let me know about them in the comments – I’d so appreciate the tips.

Till Monday luvies,

image via we heart it, print by boss art

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  1. I love your blog so much!!!
    Awesome post 🙂

  2. You were already thinking like some men to post an anti-feminist mantra!

  3. Who wouldn't want to attend a blogging event by Lucky Magazine?!? PLEASE report back and fill us in on the juicy details!

  4. I keep seeing this mantra pop up on blogs and tumblrs, and I gotta say I love it! I have to remember to work like a boss 🙂

  5. Would love to see a quote that said.

    Look like a lady
    Act like a lady
    Think like a lady
    Work like you're your own boss

    Us ladies need to stick up for being ladies. And that we are as smart and as capable and anyone else.

  6. I love your blog, but I have to say, I too have been seeing that mantra everywhere and I just don't get it's appeal to women- there is nothing more powerful than thinking like, acting like and BEING a woman. Let's all support each other to do that. – Jessica

  7. This quote is awfully chauvinistic, it saddens me to see women aggrandizing the male perspective—as this quote is essentially saying that women need to adopt a male mindset in order to empower themselves. Oh ladies, how sadly you have been formed. Note that the latter two sentences focus on a gendered performance, where the woman would need to act like a man in order to exert her dominion, and become a ‘boss’. I suggest that before considering quotes like this one a “mantra” you read into the social connotations and negative effects this thinking might produce.

  8. Hi all – I'm actually loving the debate about this quote. As as Women's Studies major and a proud feminist I love this debate and dialogue and actually thought a lot abou this quite before I posted it. I came at it from a place of female empowerment – where we can in fact appear incredibly feminine (read weak) but adopt the traditionally more aggressive, proud and confident thought patterns of men (let's face it, women are socialized to questions themselves a lot more then men) and working like a boss is both a way to think about controlling your own destiny and also a reference to my favorite SNL skit. So that's my thinking behind – thanks so much for sparking this lively conversation!

    xx, Erin