It’s been awhile since our latest San Francisco Spotlight,but rest assured, this find was worth the wait. As a bakery fanatic I have very high standards and don’t bestow my endorsement of indulge-worthy on just anybody.

So when I first heard of Batter Bakery I kept a large chip of skepticism squarely on my shoulder. That is until I took my first bite! My dears, if don’t already know about Batter Bakery, than this post is for you!
Founded by Jen Musty, a self taught and self made entrepreneur {under the age of 30 mind you!}, Batter Bakery bills itself as the cookies your mom would make, only a tad more sophisticated. Let’s just say her Sand Angel cookie, a more sophisticated take on a snicker doodle, made me kick my no-carb rule to the curb.
My love affair with Batter only grew when I arrived at their Russian Hill cafe. The light-filled space features reclaimed wood cafe tables, bright white walls dotted with chalkboard menus and adorable red pendant lights. My design juices were overflowing immediately. And that was before I discovered in the in-house churned ice cream that’s paired with fresh cookies to make things like spiced honey walnut with ginger cookie ice cream sandwiches! I. die.
If you live in San Francisco and haven’t stopped by Batter Bakery yet, go. Now. If you haven’t had the Rosemary Oatmeal Bread or the Walnut Fig Scone you are missing out my friends! And if you have a trip planned to San Francisco, be sure to add a trip to Batter Bakery on your must try list.
I promise, you’ll thank me!
And I have to say a huge thank you to Jen for letting us come in and spend a morning playing in her lovely store, thank Dorothee of Belathee Photography for her rockin’ photography skills, and Chloe Rose Boutique for sprucing up my wardrobe for this shoot! That little red blazer is now my favorite piece in my closet!
If you’d like to see even more of the yumminess at Batter Bakery head over to the Apartment 34 Facebook page – there are outtakes galore!
Happy Sunday luvies,
photography by belathee photography, wardrobe c/o chloe rose boutique

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  1. oh oh oh my oh my. I LOVE San Francisco. It's just so far away… šŸ™ I came here on my honeymoon 9 years ago and had such a lovely time. The people were amazing and reminded me of home but in a way cooler way. San Francisco could be paired with Brighton uk – we're hilly too!

  2. I live right near this Battery Bakery and it is one of my favorite weekend spots! I always pick up dessert here or the rosemary bread. The peanut butter cookies are quite amazing as well!

  3. I will definitely check it out the next time I'm in the city! It looks amazing! Ginger ice cream sandwiches? Yum!