As we’ve settled into the loft life, we’re now hitting the point where I’m ready to fill in the gaps. You know the ones I’m talking about, those holes that weren’t necessities out the outset, but now your space is begging for it?

In our case, that hole is that empty corner in the living room,  just begging for an occasional chair. It’s that piece that might feel frivolous since it’s not necessarily used daily, but comes in so handy in a pinch. And chairs add such unique character to a space. They just seem to ooze personality.

I’m thoroughly inspired by this modern loft and it’s perfectly placed seats. The modern lines of each chair add architectural sophistication without weighing the room down. Exactly what I’m in the market for!

That’s why I swooned when I spied these options from the Inoda + Sveje Design Studio. Works of art in and of themselves, I’d love to have the swivel in my {home!} office and a single dining chair would be the perfect match for my little empty corner.

How about you luvies? Which one do you adore?

image via here

What do you think?

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  1. These are gorgeous – love the two-toned round back one! We just moved a month ago and finally have our first dining table (crazy right?) and I have been obsessing so much over picking out the perfect, affordable dining chairs that we have yet to eat on it. Excellent inspiration 🙂