As the countdown to Project Hawaiian Vacation continues {t-minus 5 days!}, don’t think spending 10 straight days in a bikini hasn’t been on my mind. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, it’s often hard to feel ready to show that much skin.

A few months ago I introduced you to a new workout regime I begun called GYROTONICS at the San Francisco studio A Body of Work. After going regularly now, I’ve been really excited about the increased strength and toning I’ve experienced, particularly in areas that you rarely think about – places like your back, shoulders and hips.
Gyro’s twists, turns and focus on creating movement in your joints has also helped me feel lean and flexible. I think that will come in particularly handy after our long plane ride to Kona!  But I think my favorite part of GYROTONICS is how fun it is. The moves make you feel a bit like a kid again!
If you’re in San Francisco A Body of Work is offering a great client special right now. Buy any package and you get a free massage or session of other body work. You just have to hurry – this offer expires at the end of July!
And if you need to get beach ready, but don’t have a few months to try a new workout routine, here are some of my other favorite get in shape quick tips!
~ Drink lots of water. Put lemon or cucumber in your water and drink one large glass before breakfast and then throughout the day. It increases your metabolism and, as a diuretic, it will help diminish water retention and bloat.
~ Avoid processed foods. Stick to fruits, veggies, protein and a touch of whole grains. My rule of thumb: shop only at the outside isles of the grocery store. If it comes in a box, pass it by.
~ Kick up your cardio. If you can increase your physical activity by at least 50% everyday, you’ll see the benefits quickly.
~ Focus on the jiggly bits. Try doing even 10 push ups and 25-50 air squats per day. Your triceps and bum will start to tighten right up.
Here’s to hitting the beach and rocking a body that you feel good about!

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  1. I've never tried the gyrotonics, but my friend is doing it and she loves it! I'm more quiet and peaceful and my favourite is pilates.
    I wish you get in shape for your holidays!
    kisses from Barcelona,

  2. I've never tried that but it looks like something that I wuld love to get into! I have major issues with drinking water so I loved your tips on how to make it easier. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo