What’s your favorite thing about a weekend? Sleeping in? Lazy afternoons? Brunches with friends? I’m in love even just the dream of breakfast in bed. It’s kinda the best thing ever, right?

There’s nothing more fun than breakfast in bathrobes, still bundled under covers, with no deadline before you, no? While that might not be in the cards this weekend, here are a few other fantastical things to enjoy at a nice leisurely pace.

~ A Happy home
~ Happy colors

~ A Happy shop
~ & a Happy thought
I hope you’re running off to do something that makes you blissfully joyful this weekend luvies.

Till Monday,

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  1. When I was younger, weekends used to be about parties and night outs with friends. It's not that I am too old for those since I am only in my mid-twenties but now I prefer sleeping in and enjoying a delicious, hearty homemade meal without hurrying through it.

  2. I love the not having to feel rushed feeling on the weekends. And oh yeah! Having time to make peach pancakes. And I can totally relate to that girl in the picture. Haha!


  3. While it's not breakfast in bed, I absolutely love Sundays for brunch at a favorite restaurant and a fat copy of the New York Times. But, hey, I wouldn't turn down pancakes in bed either. 🙂