If you love the look of Mad Men, then this Monday Work Wear post is for you. By some fashion miracle, I recently stumbled upon a San Francisco-based design team that is turning out Betty Draper worthy looks, every single one of which had me at hello.

Called Mina + Olya in honor of its beautiful co-founders, Mina Yazdi and Olga Dzilikhova, the young line presents a modern take on classic sophistication. Mina and Olya design the type of clothes that make you feel glamorous, powerful and comfortable, all at the same time. Needless to say, I feel in love at first sight.

It all began when I bumped into Olya at an event in the city and complimented her skirt. I was stunned when I asked where she got it and she said it was her own design! I immediately had to know more.

It turns out, the two former financiers met at their office and connected over the discovery that both were dissatisfied with their work wardrobes. So they left the world of fiance and, as Olya described to me, set off to design what they felt their closets lacked: timeless pieces that could make any woman feel elegant and special. That included {among other things} the perfect pair of trousers, a dapper trench coat and an elegant day dress that would make you feel pretty and powerful without showing a hint of skin.

I describe each piece as flawless. Just take a look!

That’s why I was beyond excited when the girls invited me to come by their studio to play dress-up. I loved seeing their work space, hearing about their inspiration boards and thumbing through racks and racks of samples. I couldn’t get myself into their designs fast enough!

Each piece I tried on mad e me giddier than the one before it. Every pleat, tuck and fold is intricate, perfectly placed and so flattering. 

The girls also have everything made in San Francisco using sustainable methods and organic fabrics. Beautiful and ethical style??

minaolya4I mean, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

I have a very strong feeling that my closet is going to runneth over with Mina + Olya looks very quickly. But like all great love stories, it appears that some things are just meant to be.

Here’s to looking and feeling absolutely fabulous this week luvies,

photography by the amazing Margo Moritz

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  1. Love those pieces and that dress, the sort of dark green one is just too beautiful..would definitely wear that and you look marvelous in it :)) Hope you have a great week ahead! x

  2. You look great Erin! You could be a model yourself and looks like those clothes were made for you. I like seeing you in your posts ; ) Teri

  3. These are such great designs! This reminds me of a similar recent find in NYC- Meme LaFLEUR. It's also locally made clothing, perfect for the career woman.

  4. These pieces are so classic and elegant! I especially love that red tulip skirt. Thanks for the introduction to this brand!


  5. this is an amazing feature erin! love learning about new designers (especially local ones!)…their aesthetic is grown up and sophisticated, but not stuffy. will definitely be checking them out!