Phew…the end is in sight! Or is it the beginning? As September comes to a close it’s hard to believe we’re fully engrossed in fall, the holidays are around the corner and another year is going to come a close sooner than we realize. Have I given you a total panic attack yet?!

Thankfully, we’re slowly settling into the new loft. I’m beginning to see things evolve from a mess into a home. Slowly but surely, slowly but surely. Chloe certainly loves her new perch in our window seat!

While the days immediately following a move are always the most frustrating, I know that in a few short weeks the boxes will be gone, the clutter put away and then the real styling fun can begin! I’m counting the minutes, but trying to keep myself focused on the good times to come.

I hope you enjoyed all the decor inspiration we featured this week. I’m so grateful to everyone who submitted posts. We got so many you may see a bonus one or two this weekend. And if we didn’t already add to your shopping list, check out my favorite picks from the Barneys Home Collection! They asked me to pick a few fall inspirations!

I’m doing my best to hold off from making any major purchases….but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out! Can you?

Till Monday luvies,

image by me, quote via here

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  1. Hi Erin,

    I’m sorry, I love your blog so much but I have to stop reading it. The design is so light that it is straining my eyes to read it. Good luck in the future with Apartment 34!

  2. Set a goat for yourself everyday with the number of boxes you WILL unpack.
    After I let our boxes pile up for a month I came up with this little trick and was done in a week!
    It’s just like a bandaid – do it quickly then forget about it!