Well, the boxes are packed. Almost. And the loft is clean. Almost. And we’re ready to say good-bye. Abso-freakin’-lutely!! Tomorrow night we’ll spend our first night in the new version of loft life and we couldn’t be happier! I just have to survive the next 36 hours first.

If only an unpacking fairy came with the new place! I so appreciate your patience as we begin the next phase of our San Francisco life. The last year has brought more surprise, change and joy than I ever could have imagined. I wonder what magic yet another new beginning will bring. If nothing it’ll bring a flurry of pinning!

While I’m buried under boxes, here are a few things I highly recommend you check out this weekend:

~ Joanna launched a site redesign and it’s just lovely

~ So did Camille!

~ This is the reminder I needed that change is good

~ Bri is helping you dress up your tech

~ Victoria found a fabulous space that I’m banking for major design inspiration. Mantra: less is more.

~ We’re trying to eat Paleo this month and cooking recipes from here. Have you tried it? What’d you think?

~ I’m doing a little shoot next week with this Ah-mazing new shoe line but I couldn’t wait to give you the tip. You can tour their Sausalito-based office here!

And remember: you have the opportunity to be featured on Apartment 34 next week! We’re taking submissions of decor inspiration – cuz I’m gonna need it. I’d love to see  what you’re loving right now. Get all the details here.

Till Monday luvies,


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  1. You’ll love Paleo! At first it’s difficult, because you do have to plan ahead, but you totally get the hang of it (and the pasta cravings do eventually disappear.) And weight falling off, glowing skin, and shiny fuller hair ain’t too bad either! I just subscribed to Our Paleo Life but these are some of my favorite favorite Paleo shopping and recipe sites (they taught me how to cook/ that Paleo does not = grilled chicken and steamed broc every night!)

    Nom Nom Paleo
    Civilized Caveman
    River North Paleo Girl
    Health Bent
    Every Day Paleo

    There are seriously so many amazing Paleo cooking sites and Pinterest is an endless source of recipes and inspiration! Good luck, Erin & welcome to the Paleo “cult”

  2. Sorry if I’m late to the party but was just redirected…congrats on the new site!


  3. Hope the big move is going smoothly! I remember sleeping in our new house for the first time — it’s so fun! xoxo

  4. Congratulations on your move! I can’t wait to see what you do with your new place!