Yes, today does indeed happen to be my birthday. But I haven’t even gotten to think about it,{or my ever advancing age}, as I’ve been a little distracted by something very very exciting.

I couldn’t think of a better day to celebrate my secret’s unveiling. Without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to Mark and Graham! 

The first brand Williams-Sonoma,Inc. has launched in ten years, Mark and Graham offers colorful gifts and timeless accessories personalized with over 50 unique monograms and curated fonts and as of today we are open for business!

This is monogramming made cool luvies. Seriously.

I think the M + G manifesto sums it up beautifully.

Here’s what’s really different about Mark and Graham:

~ Every item offered is stunning. Truly.

~ Design is taken seriously. You can learn about every font offered and the how-to’s of monogramming in the monogramming guide.

~ The website lets you see exactly what your monogram or personalization is going to look like on each gift. {you’re going to want to play for hours!}

~ You can get anything in five days {or faster!}.

~ Personalization, lovely gift wrapping in a grey linen box and extra wide grosgrain ribbon, are always complimentary.

~ Shipping is free for any purchase over $49 {just don’t forget the code freeship}.

This is otherwise known as holiday shopping done and done! Here is just a handful of fab items I’m already coveting:

1 glass paperweight, 2 everyday leather zip pouch, 3 rustic leather tray, 4 turkish cotton tea towel, 5 linen typographers napkins, 6 leather boxed coasters, 7 chambray north tote

In fact, I’ll take a zip pouch in every color combo please!

I was so honored when the Mark and Graham team asked me to help them connect with you! You can imagine how quickly I jumped at the chance to connect the two things I love: fabulous style and building rockin’ online communities.

So needless to say we’re now live on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and pinning like mad…but also making its world debut today is the Mark and Graham blog m*gram!

I’m hoping m*gram will be your destination for creative ideas, cool design and a peek into the Mark and Graham world!

I have to thank Jennifer Morla of Morla Designs for her amazing talent and ability to make our design dreams come true. A very small group of very talented and experienced people poured their hearts and souls into making the Mark and Graham vision come alive. What they created is stunning, if I do say so myself, and I feel privileged to be working among them.

And so now, when you chat with Mark and Graham, I hope you feel like you can put a face to the brand and know that there are real people working hard  behind the scenes everyday.

But back to this whole birthday thing. I’ve decided that all I really want for my birthday is for you to Like Mark and Graham. I mean, I want you to really like it. I’m actually crossing my fingers and toes that you love it. And if you do, will you please tell others by Liking us on Facebook too?! My personal goal is to reach 1,000 Likes on my birthday! That isn’t asking too much, right??

I can’t wait to hear what you think luvies! Here’s to making your mark in the world!

PS: if you decide to tweet today, use our hashtag #makeyourmark!

What do you think?

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  1. Happy Happy Birthday Erin! Also, congratulations on Mark and Graham. I come from a long line of monogram-lovers so this is surely going to become a shopping destination for me!

  2. I hope all your birthday wishes come true! What a beautiful line of products – these are definitely making their way onto my Christmas shopping list.

  3. Happy Birthday!
    And I love that leather pouch. In love. Want it. 😀

    Thanks for introducing me to this brand!

  4. Long-time reader, first-time commentor chiming in to say A) I love the new collection and B) Happy Birthday!!



  5. Thank you so much for introducing me to this brand! I love every single one of your picks! I’m especially in love with the bracelets and napkins!

    xx Ivana
    Macarons and Pearls

  6. First, happy birthday, Erin!
    Second, congratulations on this launch! The collection looks amazing – high quality, classic pieces made extra special with monogramming. Sweet!

  7. Congratulations! This is a delightful concept. There’s nothing quite like a monogram. So classic and sophisticated, yet these products have such a fun and youthtful vibe. Kudos!

  8. Congratulations! Mark and Graham looks fantastic… I can already see losing many hours to browsing the site (I love the brief history of typography). And also wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  9. Thanks so much for the kind comments everyone! And Jasmine, mark and graham sources its pieces from vendors all over the world, from leathers from italy to cottons and linens made in the USA, so the answer is both yes and no!