I don’t know about you luvies, but this weekend we’re making a break for it! After criss crossing the country for Mark and Graham {holy wow New York City is fabulous at Christmas, you weren’t kidding!} we are taking one more trek this weekend.

I’m packing my bag yet again, but this time hopping in the car for a little wine country getaway. The kind where I pretend the internet doesn’t exist. I cannot wait.

Here are a few things I did manage to catch this week:

~ This gift guide is like an almanac for Christmas shopping

~ So is this one

~ This looks delicious

~ This looks beautiful

~ This looks fun

~ This looks hard!

And here are a few other things you may have missed.

~ A Loft Life Sneak Peek and Chandelier DIY

~ I shared my personal style for fall

~ This is my secret to the perfect winter wardrobe. It only involves 1 item!!!

Excited to finally get to share all the other crazy things that have been going on around here next week luvies!


Till Monday,

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