My favorite part of the holiday season is entertaining. There’s nothing more satisfying than hosting a group of loved ones in an atmosphere that is cozy, comfortable, and hopefully endlessly stylish! For this week’s Tasty Tuesday post, we’re forgoing food and instead focusing on a recipe for great holiday decor.

I realize that for some, the idea of hosting a party causes heart palpitations, so I teamed up with Anthropologie to share my favorite tips for creating a warm and inviting tablescape.

There are just a few general rules to apply when styling a festive tabletop. I love creating an organic, easy vibe to help guests to feel at home, rather than fearful they’re going to mess something up.

To achieve that feeling with this look I started with a linen runner (which I chose not to iron but might the next time around!). It created the base layer on which everything else was built.

I also tend to shun placemats – too formal. Instead I opt for a dinner plate as a charger. You do want layers on your table for added dimension and interest. The decorative Sumi Dessert Plates, dotted with both gold and silver, set the fanciful tone.

We also don’t have formal china or silver at our disposal. That’s why I love Athropologie’s Gold Dipped Flatware. I intermingled it with our standard pieces and I loved the mix-matched vibe it created. Napkins were simply placed between the plates – no need for fancy folding or overly ornate napkin rings.

Holiday tables are in the details. I made each seat more personal with its own magnolia leaf and hand letter placecard {you just don’t get to see a close up because my handwriting is atrocious. Bonus Tip: find your family member or friend with the best penmanship to write your placecards ahead of time!}.

Creating the table’s center piece is probably my favorite part of tabletop design. When I start there’s never really any rhyme or reason. I just try to stick to three key ingredients; 1) a focused color palette; 2) fresh florals kept low so you can see across the table and 3) an over abundance of candle light. Simple enough, right?

For this spread I mix and matched green hues ranging from light pear green {using actual pears to achieve the look} to the deep glossy green of magnolia leaves. Everything was selected at the local flower market with no pre-planning. Just snag what’s fresh and what looks good all bundled together! I cascaded the centerpiece from end to end for added drama. When you have a small table {like ours} this just requires a nearby buffet for setting your larger serving platters.

So it really is that simple. Work with what you have and then add a few festive additions here and there. The only real rule to adhere to when it comes to holiday entertaining is one of personal creativity. And candlelight. Everything looks good in candlelight!

Happy hosting luvies,

photography by Dave Ryder

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  1. This is just lovely! I am obsessed with the gold flatware and the gold dipped champ glasses! Great job!


  2. It is hard to make something simple and cozy, but you nailed it. I love the gold dipped silverware and the sweet centerpieces. Great collab!

  3. Entertaining is such a wonderful part of the holidays. The table center pieces are so beautiful and stylish.

  4. Erin this looks beautiful! Like a secret garden! x

  5. Just bought those beautiful Portuguese spoon plates for a Christmas gift. They are really beautiful. Thanks for the tip!