From Chloe & Bailey: even though we can’t actually see color, we think brights are the best. We love this triple treat – it makes us think of Mexico where mommy and daddy are!

Sometimes you can’t help what jumps out and bites you. We’re not known for more abstract types of inspiration around these parts, but I’ve decided to try my hand at it with a new periodic column I’m going to call Triple Threat: three things that I cannot take my eyes off of, for whatever reason.

The first installment is a bit of a taste the rainbow situation. I never used to be all about color, but I’ve seemed to have turned over an abundantly brightleaf lately.

I’m not even sure what I’d want apply this particular palette to. Certainly not to a room in the loft. Nor my closet per say {in spite of my love of missoni}… I just really like looking it. Do I feel a gallery wall coming on?

Hope you like this first crack at a Triple Threat. If you do, I think there might be more where this came from.

Back with your more traditional take on Tasty Tuesday in a bit luvies!

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